Master Tech Ortho Surgery Elbow CH1


PART I Exposures

Technique ●● The extensor carpi radialis longus is identified and elevated from the lateral column and epicon- dyle, and the anterior capsule is visualized (Fig. 1B-19). ●● An incision is made in the capsule just superior to the collateral ligament (Fig. 1B-20). ●● If the posterior joint needs to be exposed, the triceps is easily elevated (Fig. 1B-21).

FIGURE 1B-19 With the elbow at 90 degrees of flexion, the fibers of the extensor carpi radialis longus are followed down to the capsule. The brachialis is elevated from the anterior capsule.

FIGURE 1B-20 Elevation of the extensor carpi radialis longus (ECRL) and the distal fibers of the brachioradialis. The anterior aspect of the capsule is isolated from the brachialis and is identified with an arthrotomy at the anterior aspect of the radiohumeral joint.

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