-V- New MPA14

Valve terminals MPA-S Key features




Easy to mount

Slim high-performance valves in sturdy metal housing MPA1 flow rates up to 360 l/min MPA14 flow rates up to 550 l/min MPA2 flow rates up to 700 l/min From the individual valve to the valve terminal with multi-pin plug, AS-interface, CPI and fieldbus connections and control block Dream team: fieldbus valve terminal suitable for electrical peripherals CPX. This means: – Forward-looking internal com­ munication system for actuation of the valves and CPX modules – Diagnostics down to the individual valve – Valves can be actuated with or without (standard) isolated electrical circuits

Modular system offering a range of configuration options Expandable up to 128 solenoid coils Conversion and expansion possible at a later date Further manifold blocks can be assembled using just three screws and sturdy separating seals on metal separator plates Integration of innovative function modules possible Manual regulators, rotatable pressure gauges Proportional pressure regulators Additional air supply via additional pressure zones using supply plates Wide range of pressures –0.9 … 10 bar Wide range of valve functions

Sturdy and durable metal components – Valves – Manifold blocks – Seals

Ready-to-install unit, already assembled and tested Lower selection, ordering, installa­ tion and commissioning costs Secure mounting on wall or H-rail mounting

Fast troubleshooting thanks to LEDs on the valves and diagnostics via fieldbus Extensive operating voltage range  25% Ease of servicing through replaceable valves and electronics modules Manual override either non-detent­ ing, detenting or secured against unauthorised activation (covered) Durable, thanks to tried and tested piston spool valves Large and durable labelling system, suitable for barcodes



Subject to change – 2018/08

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