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PETA Calls for a Sea Change in Attitudes Toward Sea Life

O ctopuses are extremely intelligent, these Einsteins of the ocean off their plates. Octopuses use tools, communicate with one another, and form social bonds. They’ve been observed carrying and using coconut shells as shelter, as well as wielding poisonous Portuguese man-of-war tentacles like swords. They can navigate mazes, solve puzzles, and open childproof jars. Squid, their cephalopod cousins, can pass the “mirror test,” which is commonly used to demonstrate self-recognition and consciousness. But cephalopods aren’t the only smarties in the sea. Rabbitfish pair up and take turns keeping watch for predators so that their friends can eat in safety. Rainbowfish can learn to escape a net via a single hole after only five trial runs – and remember the escape route a year later. Catfish and cichlids glue their eggs to leaves and small rocks so that they can carry the precious cargo to safety when their nests are disrupted. And goldfish can tell the difference between music by Bach and music by Stravinsky. resourceful, and self-aware animals, and PETA has long urged consumers to leave

sea animals. The right to live free from cruelty and exploitation isn’t just for furry, cuddly animals considered “cute” by humans. As long as chefs hack apart octopuses while they’re still alive, as long

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as parents still take their children fishing for “fun,” and as long as humans kill so many fish each year that “lined up end to end, they would reach

the sun” (as one scientist put it), PETA will keep at it. Read on to find out how you can help bring about a much-needed sea change.

These are just a few of the reasons why PETA works to raise awareness of the plight of fish and other

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