PHA Media The Buzz February 2014

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Reach for the top PHA Media are delighted to announce that Associate Director, Shelley Frosdick, has been selected to participate in PR Week’s mentoring project. Designed to tackle the lack of female leaders in the communications industry, the mentoring project matches up 15 women - identified as having the potential to reach the top - with senior female mentors, for a year of support and the benefit of a more experienced perspective.

The mentoring project is very much in response to the issues faced by senior females in the comms industry and will explore combining children with work, alongside supporting, motivating and developing staff and reaching the top of the career ladder. The project aims to alter the disparity between men and women in senior positions in the industry. Shelley comments: “I am very much looking forward to taking part in this new mentoring scheme and using it as a platform to promote the huge numbers of inspiring women that work in the PR industry. I am extremely lucky to have two amazing mentors at PHA in Phil Hall and Mark Gregory and I’m excited to see what more I can learn from the mentor I have been paired with for this scheme, Alison Clarke, CEO of Grayling PR. At PHA we have some amazing talent and my aim is to use all of the great things I will learn through this scheme to benefit the wider PHA team.”

FTBpro have called upon the services of PHA Media to promote the Players Football Association (PFA) Fan Player of the Month Award. FTBpro, an existing client of PHA Media, have been selected by the PFA to become the title sponsors and media partner of the Player of the Month and Player of the Year awards for the Premier League and Football League. FTBpro is the largest fan-generated media platform in online football, engaging millions of users across destination sites, mobile apps and social networks. The PFA Fan Player of the Month award is presented by the PFA and is endorsed by the players and supported by the Premier League and Football League. The creative strategy team

were tasked with building a multi- platform and responsive microsite to allow fans to vote for their Fan Player of the Month. The microsite incorporates an embedded voting widget alongside blog posts from FTBpro writers, monthly results and a number of high end images. Alongside the creative strategy team, the sport and leisure team were tasked with securing national coverage around the awards and as well as communicating with all 20 Premier League clubs to publicise the awards. In addition, PHA Media will be responsible for supporting the awards and increasing exposure on social media, primarily through Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram.

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