Maurice Dorsey


A fter successfully bringing his first book Businessman First: Remembering Henry G. Parks, Jr. into the spotlight, Maurice Dorsey has made his way to fiction writing. It was a courageous shift in genre. Nevertheless, such bravery has paid off quite well enough and has brought out his second book entitled, From Whence We Come. Fictitious yet based on a true story, From Whence We Come touches different aspects of personal growth (self-acceptance, dignity, and self-esteem), of family (parent-child and sibling relationship, family conflicts, and individual interests), and of society as a whole (from religious/cultural mores to personal-against-social struggles). Maurice has made a compelling tale that hooks every reader with issues noticeable from then till now, and with the values that this world must surely have. Beyond just gender discrimination, this book might

become an eye-opener for every religious doctrine that seem to be unfairly strict with its outdated traditional norms. For every family and society that needs to understand the value of personal preferences and the acceptance of every member as an individual who is more likely unique rather than abnormal. For an overview of what the book is all about, the following are the synopsis and a book review: SYNOPSIS Seymour Rose is an African American man who is gay. He was born to a father who is Catholic and accepts his son unconditionally and a mother who is born Methodist and is homophobic--but most of all, she tells her son throughout his life that she never wanted to have him.


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