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Seattle’s NewWage Hike Starts April 1 The implementation of Seattle’s new $15 minimum wage ordinance spans a 3 to 7 year phase-in period depending upon the size of the employer. The first phase in period begins April 1, 2015. Small Employers: Small employers, which the City defines as employers with 500 or fewer U.S. employees, can meet the wage requirement two ways on April 1: 1. Pay a flat hourly minimum compensation rate ($11.00), or 2. Pay a reduced hourly minimum wage ($10.00) and make up the balance with employee tips (reportable to the IRS) and/or payments towards the employee’s medical insurance plan. If the reported tips or medical benefit payments do not add up to the minimum compensation rate ($11.00), the small employer makes up the diRerence in pay. Large Employers: For large employers, defined by the City as employers with 501 or more U.S. employees, the minimum wage is a flat $11.00 per hour beginning April 1. Only in future years will large employers be able to pay a reduced minimum wage when they provide payments towards an employee’s medical plan. After 2015, all minimum wage increases will be eRective on January 1 of each year. Employers must also provide employees with notice of their rights under the ordinance. The Seattle OXce of Labor Standards will make this notice available in diRerent languages before April 1, 2015. The City will begin enforcement procedures in April. During the first year, enforcement will center on obtaining full back pay for workers found to be paid less than the minimum wage ordinance requires with no other penalties imposed. Archbright™ will be hosting a briefing on the new Seattle minimum wage standards on the morning of March 24 to discuss the City’s Rules and FAQ’s interpreting the ordinance. We are pleased that Karina Bull from the Seattle OXce of Civil Rights will be in attendance. To register for this event, visit

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