SRP's History of Fund Placement_Dec 2018

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To all our followers, donors and project partners over the years, this video is for YOU! has been in existence for the last 8 years, during which time we've lived heartache and triumph, seen both bloodshed and miracles and fought evil with good. At the heart of our work lies the conviction that, by bringing donor support to those at the coalface, our collaborative efforts do make a difference. Our motto of Trust, Collaboration, Impact, shines through in this video production, showcasing our work and interwoven with interviews and footage captured over a 2 year period. Not only does it tell the ranger story, they themselves will tell you that donor support IS making a difference in the fight against rhino poaching. Filmed, edited and produced by Kaimara Studio, we'd like to extend our deepest gratitude to Pieter Uys for capturing the essence of what we as an organisation are all about. To thousands of people in South Africa and abroad who have donated to this cause and supported our projects, thank you! To project partners, past and present, we are forever indebted.


Contrary to statements made by often ill-informed public, there is in fact an army of dedi- cated, focused and passionate people who are determined to put a stop to this senseless slaughter. Reflecting back since’s launch in June/July 2010, to where South Africa is today, noteworthy progress has been made. Mobilizing a country is no easy task, let alone getting everyone to pull in the same

direction, and the synergy that has been forming amongst vari- ous stakeholders and role- players in encouraging to see. Thank you to all rhino investi- gators—SAPS and ECI, NPA prosecutors, private security companies, responsible rhino owners, reserve managers, staff, APU rangers, NGO's, rhino champions and all those who strive day and night to keep rhinos safe.

“This war will eventually be

won by a few passionate

and committed individuals

whose fires will continue to

burn at the coal face thus

providing the necessary

inspiration and guiding light

for all others to follow” - Ken Maggs.

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