SRP's History of Fund Placement_Dec 2018

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Through our partnership with the CSIR, Technology for Special Opera- tions (a specialised grouping within the CSIR) has converted a standard 4 x 4 trailer into a mobile tactical unit which will be used by the Mpumalanga Tour- ism and Parks Agency (MTPA) in clan- destine counter-poaching operations. The trailer was originally donated via (SRP) to MTPA by the Jacaranda Rhinothon in 2010. All components were sponsored by SRP and our sincere thanks to the CSIR for finalising the user require- ments, completing the design and lay- out as well as all installations.

Dr Richard Emslie

Andrew Parker

“Up to now, we have had to make due without the most basic facilities when positioned in the field. This trailer will have a major impact on the performance of the rangers, as well as allow them to work in areas previously too remote for extended deployments,” says Juan de Beer, manager of the

Species Protection Unit of Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency.

Photo credit — Kaimara Photography.

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