Rest Point Reporter - May 2016

From the Manager s Desk

Hello Everyone

We have welcomed 2 new residents into the village during the month of April, first to arrive was Grant to his site 60 home, Grant has also stepped into his work boots and taken on the role as our Groundsman, Tyler has been training him up and says he is going great so far, thanks Grant and Tyler. The month of April also brought to us a lovely lady from Taree named Nerida along with her furry friend ‘Bear’. Nerida has just moved into her home at site 10, Grant and Nerida have both been busy setting up their homes and adding their personal touches, it wont be long till they join in on some of the fun times and activities around the village. Welcome to Rest Point Village Grant, Nerida and Bear.

Renovation work on our site 16 and 17 are coming along nicely, Steve and his team are ready to begin the next stage and the weather is on our side,

The NBN contractors have begun their task of bringing cables into the village, I’ve been told that this work will take some time to complete, its great to see them finally here.

Kind Regards. Marie

Vi l l age Upda te

After talking to residents it has become apparent that many would prefer to receive important village information via electronic means.

As a result, we will start to use electronic communication such as emails to notify residents of any urgent or important village news and announcements. We will also share village updates on social media sites such as Facebook. We are also excited to announce that we will be transforming our monthly journals into an electronic format which can be sent to you via email or viewed on our website. Printed copies of the journal will continue to be available for those who prefer. We are confident that these new formats will be more user-friendly and will help us make a positive environmental impact. Please contact the office if you have any further suggestions. The Rest Point Reporter is viewable online at under the heading of “News”.

May 2016 | Volume 6 | Issue 5

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