D. ALEXANDER HOL IDAY | AUTHOR’S ART ICLE I t appears that that pudgy pock faced and not too intelligent bully in the schoolyard, the one who went around pushing kids down and making them give him their milk or lunch money (maybe even their whole lunch…, explains how he got pudgy), has grown up and is now the adult, still likely to be pudgy (we now call it fat or overweight if we are not using politically correct language), acne challenged and certainly, still, as dumb as a box of hammers - or a dunce). The new bully is hiding behind computers – this is the cyber bully- or in the workplace as someone’s supervisor – this person most likely bullied their way to the “top.” In his new book, Kith & Kin: A Klannish Klownish, Tragik Komedy , G. Douglas Davis, IV, a nom de plume – that is an alias for those box of hammers types – continues the story of a certain state worker being harassed and bullied by a group of “colleagues” more specifically after writing a book about their behavior. The response to that earlier book - the prequel - E-m ils from Satan’s Daughter ,

resulted in two actions, both on the part of the bullies, punish the writer of the earlier book and - now this is important because many bullies are as dumb as the proverbial box of rocks, okay hammers too - see to it that the writer, the “victim” to the bullying, will never write anything again. Ever. SYNOPSIS FOR KITH & KIN: A KLANNISH KLOWNISH, TRAGIK KOMEDY The sequel to his E-mails from Satan’s Daughter, Kith&Kin: AKlannish Klownish , Tragik Komedy picks up from where the earlier work leaves off. Once the characters from the previous book, a small gang of harassers and bully types discovered that E-mails was about them then the only logical reaction had to be to “punish” the author, the very person they had been bullying and harassing all these many years. Logic did not mean that they should have taken the book as a warning shot, a shot across the prover- bial bow, to back off and leave this “victim,” their target, alone. Oh no. Any sense of logic – and the stupid don’t understand or know logic – went completely out the window once this bunch committed on what to do about the


PAPER Clips | ISSUE NO. 48


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