TPT January 2011

In-Line Diameter and Shape Control

For all Types of Pipe, Tube, Profile – Any Shape

STEELMASTER Gauges Hi-speed laser scanning. Measurement of diameter, ovality, height, width and diagonals.

PROFILEMASTER ® Gauges Advanced vision technology (light-section). For any tube and profile of any shape and material. Full profile contour measurement. Profile and critical dimensions, radii and angles can be programmed (teach-in) and monitored.

Possible measuring modes

Any shape

New! Measuring solutions for round and non-round products. Captures also asymmetrical shape deviations of round, oval and polygonal products. Standard measuring ranges: 60, 100, 150, 300, 500 mm* No. of measuring axes: 1...6 Measuring frequency: 1000/s for each axis Typical accuracy: +/- 0.005 ... +/- 0.1 mm *Largest product depending on centering

Standard measuring range: 25, 140, 300 mm* No. of cameras: 1...6 (standard 4) Measurable parameters:

length, width, height, diameter, radii, angles +/- 0.01 ... 0.05 mm

Typical accuracy:

*Largest product depending on centering

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