Vol 4 No. 52 Mon. July 11 - Sun. July 17, 2016

Revelation 19:7 Grooming the Bride for Christ ( )

Dr. Emmanuel-Sunny Ojeagbase

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Page 11 How Local Japanese Beauty Rituals Became A $12 Million Business In The U.S. Financial Freedom Through Importing Of Business Ideas Easily Get Influencers To Promote Your Content Buzzstream:

Vol. 4 No. 52 Mon. July 11 - Sun. July 17, 2016

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Page 5 Financial- Confidence Killers Now! Protect Your Dreams From These

You can realize both a meaningful professional career and your deep-seated personal aspirations and passions. To reap strong dividends, find mentors who can engage with your passion and offer valuable advice and guidance. Focus on long-term goals, be flexible, and take advantage of pertinent opportunities to reach your overarching aspirations. Stop striving for elusive perfection. Plan toward larger goals and celebrate the smaller successes along theway. Networking is essential to accomplishing long-term goals and will result in a deluge of good advice, connections, opportunities, and chances to further your reputation and agenda. Learn new skills, SUCCESS ON YOUR OWN TERMS

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Success: A Worthy Destination

pursue wide and varied opportunities, invest in continuing education, and learn from experts in unfamiliar fields. Give back to family, friends, community, and society in a way that is aligned with your personal passions and interests.

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