DIMEO Corporate and Commercial

Dimeo approaches each project with a strong emphasis on team integration, collaboration and planning. We recognize that the planning and design process is a unique opportunity for a team to shape the overall outcome of a project. The team’s initial efforts to understand and organize the project as one cohesive entity is a major determination of later success - during construction and throughout a building’s useful life. We help facilitate this by engaging in an effort to understand each participants expecta- tions and concerns and then work to structure alignment among the team on a wide range of key project tenets. The expertise of Dimeo’s planning process sets in motion the processes to assure a best value, highly predictable outcome during construction. Our Philosophy Builds Success

Bradford S. Dimeo President

Stephen F. Rutledge Executive V.P

Through three generations of family leader- ship, the Dimeo organization has successfully nurtured and grown a corporate culture anchored to service, transparency, quality, and delivering superior value. Today, the company is led by Bradford S. Dimeo, President & CEO, and Stephen F. Rutledge Executive Vice President & COO. Together, both men are engaged in working with our clients and project teams in assuring complete customer satisfaction. Dimeo’s success is fostered through a deep respect for the importance of maintaining long standing relationships and the steadfast com- mitment of our employees to provide innova- tive and competitive project solutions. Dimeo professionals embrace the belief that they are one component of a larger team effort where positive project outcomes are the result of how well team expectations are aligned with those of the client.

At Dimeo we place significant emphasis on assuring strong team alignment on each proj- ect we plan and build.

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