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EVACUATION KITS 11 1-866-207-5993 Ambulatory Patient

STAFF STAIRWELL KIT (Stairwell Descent) STAFF STAIRWELL RESPONSIBILITIES: Staff responsible for movement of non-ambulatory patients Trained in Med Sled ® evacuation as both sender and receiver

#MSSSEK-Std Med Sled ®

Staff Stairwell Kit (Standard) 5”W x 9”L x 6”H

One size fits all high visibility mesh vest Headlamp Dust mask Glowsticks Safety goggles Additional Items included... STAFF STAIRWELL KIT INCLUDES: *

AMBULATORY PATIENT KIT AMBULATORY PATIENT RESPONSIBILITIES: Personal safety kit includes the basic tools needed during an evacuation Follow direction of unit personnel

Med Sled ®


Evacuation Kit (Standard) 14”W x 16”H


Non-skid socks Dust mask Safety blanket Flashlight Additional Items included...

Please contact your Regional Sales Manager for details.

* Items subject to change

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