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Welcome to High Performance Leadership Programme

Andy Logan, Programme Director

Dear Participant

Welcome to the High Performance Leadership Programme. We are delighted that you have chosen to come to the Programme, and even more pleased that you have decided to invest your time and commitment to developing yourself and your career. Beyond our delight, we also wanted to give you some insight into our approach so that you could give a little thought as to how to prepare for the Programme prior to coming. And when we say prepare what we really mean is just some reflection time, about yourself, your organisation, and your next steps as a leader. This is intended simply to ‘warm you up‘ before arrival rather than require a lot of pre-work or analysis. So here we go: The first thing to say is that we take the view that, unlike accountancy, engineering or even management, there are no predetermined core technical skills that are called ‘ leadership ‘. Rather leadership takes place in the space where the leader, other people, and the organisation meet. To become a better leader is therefore less about teaching you specific skills, and more about developing your conscious awareness of yourself, others and the organisational system - and then becoming able to decide wisely what to do in each particular situation. Along the way we want to help you to explore what your own inner gifts and abilities are, and how to integrate them into an inner flexible ‘resource base‘ such that you free yourself from old habit patterns and rigidities and develop the capacity to respond with agility to each situation you face. We will also help you to develop your empathy and understanding toward the perspectives of others, and to learn how to read the complex dynamics of organisational systems and thereby learning how to engage with systems change. All of this might sound daunting or even overwhelming but it isn’t. We do challenge you, but the way we work is mainly through a combination of some powerful concepts and models which we then explore experientially so that you learn to embody the ideas through practicing them on the Programme. All of this is undertaken as a ‘Leadership Journey‘ and you will be accompanied all the way by a team of tutors, and a group of like-minded adventurers who are your fellow participants.

In order to achieve this we have structured the Programme around three different but interrelated Modules as follows:

Module 1: Me - The Leader

On this module we will start by exploring the very meaning of the term leader before inviting you to reflect on your own past and current experience of leadership. This forms the beginning of a process by which we encourage you to understand your unique leadership “fingerprint“, that is the pattern of gifts and abilities that come together to form you at your leadership best.

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