Slick - Timonium One & Two

1 Maintenance

Pop-up Event:

Tire rotation Tire plug $50 Additional Maintenance Services: $20

Synthetic Blend Oil Change

Synthetic Oil Change

Timonium One & Two Monday, May 20

45-pt inspection

$20 $39 $19 $69

oil and lter change oil light reset uids top o CARFAX sync tire pressure adjust maintenance light reset $49

oil and lter change oil light reset uids top o CARFAX sync tire pressure adjust maintenance light reset $99

Front wiper blade (pair) Rear wiper blade

Where does Slick o er services? Slick deliver services in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvnia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Michigan with operational hubs in Washington DC, Baltimore, Boston and Detroit. Our targetted expansion over the next two years is all the “NFL” cites plus a few more cities. Our top targets for 2019 include the following: Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix, and Atlanta. A technology company with a modular service platform, designed to deliver managed vehicle care, such as PMs, cleanings, tires, and fuel, in rhythm with our customers needs: on-demand and at your place, in an environmentally responsible way. Who is Slick? Vehicle Care at Your Fingertips

Engine air lter

Bulb replacement Cabin air lter $129 Battery replacement $175 Headlight restoration (each) $99 OBD diagnostic scan $99 $89

2 Steam Detailing

Steam Value Combo Steam Value

Steam Wash&Wax

Express Steam Combo

Interior Steam Detail steam all surfaces vacuum windows & mirrors steam carpets, mats &

Exterior Steam Detail Detail steam wash

All the components of...

$159 Full Steam Detail Full SteamWash&Wax Interior Steam Detail

SteamWash&Wax quick interior steam windows trunk pet hair

exterior steam wash spray wax

door jambs and sils bug and tar removal wheels and tires clay bar bu polish

exterior windows rims & tire shine interior trunk $39 Time: 20 minutes

leather pet hair

stain removal excessive dirt

bu wax tire shine windows $149

stain removal trim dressing

$279 Interior Steam Detail Exterior Steam Detail All the components of...

$59 Time: 30 minutes



Gas Delivery

Schedule via text by texting “Slick” to 797979

Gas Delivery

$1.20 cost of gas + per gallon © 2016 - 2018 Slick Technologies LLC

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