Move-in Checklist

Checklist for Move-In Depending on the scope of the authorization Dwellworks will assist with the following steps Still in The Country of Origin:

Organise Moving Company Collection of All Necessary Papers & Documentation

Passports, diploma, drivers’ license, CV, marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, school records etc. Check on validity of health insurance for destination country Check on schooling options in destination area. Bring along school records Check on possible GPS chips, vaccinations, and medical records Completion of the rental agreement with both signatures, tenant and landlord Generally, first month’s rent is due before move-in In general, payment of the security deposit (up to 3 months net rent) is due before move-in Arrange an appointment with the landlord for the hand-over of the property and document the walk-through in writing. Make sure it is signed by both the landlord and the tenant This is an important detail to ensure you receive mail from the bank and government agencies Registration Upon Move-in: Town Hall registration at the local authorities (Stadtverwaltung). A landlord confirmation form is required (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung) After the town hall registration, a tax ID-number (Persönliche Identifikationsnummer) will be issued automatically and will be sent by mail to the registered address Depending on nationality (residence / work permit) Depending on work contract and if applicable getting health insurance (private or state) At the local authorities / town hall (Stadtverwaltung) This is a mandatory fee. Registration forms are available online: . Many contracts are for a set period of time and cannot be cancelled at during the contracted period Many banks require a copy of the registration at the place of residence/ residence permit/ passport and home tax ID or German tax ID At the Kfz-Zulassungsstelle (motor vehicle licensing office) Steps depend on place of issue (please bring an old license to prove years of driving experience) Signing Up For: Such as private liability and household content insurance Contracts which are set for a certain period of time cannot be cancelled at during the contracted period At the local authority called Familienkasse Start application process after town hall registration

Health Insurance

School Check


Immigration (if applicable)

Visa / work permit application After Arrival in Germany or At Pre-Assignment Trip:

Rental Contract (written in German)

First Rent

Security Deposit

Hand-over of Property

Fix Name Plate on Letter-Box

Place of Residence Mandatory

Tax ID

Immigration Steps Health Insurance

Child Benefit

Kindergarten/Public German School Dog(s) Tax Registration License Fee for Broadcasting Services (Rundfunkbeitrag) Registration of Utilities, Cable TV, Telephone, Internet, Mobile Phone

Opening of Bank Account


Transfer of Non-EU driver’s License


Clubs/Memberships/Gym/Railcard/ Automobile Club

Please note that this list is only general information. Depending on your individual situation there may be further/ different steps which need to be taken. DWELLWORKS has more detailed information on these items, which we will provide as required.

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