SAM Follow-Up Newsletter

September 2017 Hilton Alexandria Mark Center

2017 State Advisors Management Conference

What a memorable experience and professional development opportunity to gather in Washington, D.C. at the State Advisors Management (SAM) Conference, held September 18-21 at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center. HOSA is sincerely grateful to those 74 state advisors, co-state advisors, invited guests, and man- agement staff who were able to attend this year’s Sam’s Conference. SAM 2017 has many benefits with the #1 priority: networking ! HOSA exists and continues to grow be- cause State Advisors work together; share ideas, materials and knowledge; and are always willing to collab- orate or lend a hand to help others succeed. Involvement leads to commitment; commitment to ownership. Knowledge is HOSA’s lifeline — it is shared that if it isn’t in writing, it soon will be — as it is important to ensure that all state advisors are knowledgeable and know where to get help, if needed. The spirit of ex- cellence is contagious with HOSA and by working together, we are able to establish quality working rela- tionships as well as life-long HOSA friendships. Welcome New State Advisors . . . The purpose of HOSA’s New State Advisors‘ Orientation is to create a powerful, positive impact on the lives of new state advisors as they begin their first year in this role. It is the hope that new state advisors will feel comfortable with HOSA processes, other new state advisors, and have opportunities to build a relationship with staff and the Board Chair and Chair-Elect prior to the start of the SAM Conference. New SAM was en- ergizing for all in attendance. This year, HOSA welcomes nine new State Advisors (which includes a state move for a couple of state advisors). • Arizona — Aden Ramirez (no mentor as formally from Oregon) • Georgia — Morgan Moore (no mentor as previously Assistant State Advisor) • Kansas — Seth Nutt , State Advisor; represented by Lisa Stouffer, Program Manager, KUMUC AHEC (Mentor: Martha Robertson, MT) • Massachusetts — Jaime Vallejos , MD, represented by Maryann Sabetti-Gramajo, HOSA Executive Team Member (no mentor as previously State Advisor) • New York — Bonny Shelby (Janet Nelson) • Ohio — Jim Scott (Lloyd DeVault) • Oregon and Nevada — Shelly Kinnunen , Associate State Advisor (no mentor) • Puerto Rico — Omar Santana (Shirlene Bender) • Virginia — Michele Green-Wright, Health and Medical Science Specialist attended representing Vir- ginia HOSA until the appointment of a new State Advisor New State Advisor: Please welcome the new Idaho State Advisor: Jessie Kellogg, CTSO Manager, 208.429.5526; This newsletter will help you relive your SAM experience and remind you of the great materials received. Visit the State Advisor section at Advisor or your custom USB jump drive for conference resources! 2017-2018 New State Advisors and Mentors network involve leadership quality knowledge = HOSA EXCELLENCE

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