PM50 RF Power Meter Kit

RF Power Meter

Ramsey Electronics Model No. PM50 Ever need to tune up RF equipment, but didn’t have the money for expensive watt meters and spectrum analyzers? Want to be able to measure low-level signals and high-level signals without changing slugs and flipping switches? This versatile piece of test equipment should be standard on every RF experimenter’s bench.  Can accurately measure signals from –30dBm to +47dBm, that’s <10 microwatts to 50 Watts!  Peak hold function accurately shows peak power.  Press a button and have automatic conversion between dBm and Watts. Display auto-scales all readings.  Low battery indication and voltage monitoring.  High contrast LCD display for easy viewing and long battery life!  Runs from 7-15V AC or DC or 9VDC battery. Use our AC1 wall adapter for long operation.  Display reads from –30dBm (1uW) to +47dBm (50Watts).  Highly accurate (+-1dB) from 100kHz to 450MHz. Effective up to 900MHz, [you will need to do the math against our included Correction Factor chart] –3dB at 500MHz.  LED indicators clearly show current auto-ranging power scale.  Perfect match for tuning and testing our various transmitters such as the FM100B, FM30B, FM25B, PX50, AM1, AM25, and the QRP line of transmitters. Tune your product for maximum efficiency! Ramsey Custom r Use Only Not For Publication

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