Our unique invoice program No matter how many orders you make in a given month you will only ever receive one invoice

That’s a maximum of 12 a year!

After speaking to a huge number of independent shops over the years, the one thing I hear time and time again is, “we love working with small independent food companies but not the invoices they bring each week/month”. So I thought it was about time that problem got sorted out and now here at the Club we have the solution and here’s how it works: • You place an order with the Club and we send your order to each of the producers you want to get product from (we forward them a delivery note as notice to ship the goods). • The producer packs and ships the goods matching our delivery note exactly. • A nice benefit of the Food Club is that we send you a copy of the delivery notes on email 2 hours before we send it to the producer. This acts as a brilliant double check for you so if there are any mistakes we can rectify it before any goods are shipped and avoid any delays or incorrect stock arriving in the shop. • You receive the order and unpack the goods. The delivery notes include prices and are itemised to help stock to be checking in correctly. • You then keep all the delivery notes in a file or tray. • At the end of the month we send you one invoice covering the whole month’s activity. • You then just need to make a payment within 21 days. No matter how often you order in a given month with the Food Club you will only ever have to make 12 payments a year. This will be saving you a significant amount of time in the shop, office or maybe at the kitchen table at home paying small suppliers individually. If you are looking to reduce the number of invoice you receive in a month and increase the number of start-up artisan producers in your shop the Food Club could hole the key.

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