Marc Chagall--Poet with Wings of a Painter

Factors that made Chagall a Standout of Important Artists

In his uniqueness, his individual greatness is defined by his mystical use of color—dream like mythology, and his poetic emotions that radiate from the artist to the viewer on the deepest of subconscious levels. Chagall listened to the songs of the angels – lived in the dream world never touched by the vicissitudes of life. • Dreamscapes blessed by the gods: lived in a childlike world of dreams and fantasy • Defies the logical world • Many of his works define the lives and events of the humble people of his youth and life in the village of Vitebsk Simple uncomplicated moments: • Life • Marriage • Birth • Holiday • Death Master story-teller, his fairytales have a spoken dream vocabulary with paintings and graphics • Rooted in the pantheon of Jewish mysticism, which signifies the indissolvable link between God and man. • Enables believers to do wonders • Work miracles • Have profound faith which illuminates the darkest moments of the vicissitudes of life.


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