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We’ve received some great feedback since the launch of our Garage Support Newsletter and wanted to make sure the updates, tips and advice we have available are even more accessible for our garage customers. That’s why we’ve launched a new content hub on our Omnipart website, where independent garages can access help and resources designed to help their day- to-day operations and recovery post Covid-19. The OmniHub will cover the measures garages can put in place to encourage inbound business as part of their post-Covid-19 recovery plans, along with suggestions for things like introducing contactless services and implementing safe social distancing. It’ll also include insight into the service and repair jobs that are likely to be in highest demand after much of the UK’s vehicles have been out of use, coupled with tips on how to manage high volumes of work.

The OmniHub is already home to content on existing government schemes from Statutory Sick Pay and Business Rates Relief, to Self-Employed Income Support and Covid-19 Business Interruption Loans. We’ve also included our handy video guides and information on our garage support services, which could help you as your business works to its new normal, and all of the issues of Garage Support will be accessible there too. We’ll continue to keep the content up to date with the latest industry trends, our top tips for supporting your business, as well downloadable resources that you can access and download as you need. You can access the hub by visiting: https://omnipart. and clicking on the OmniHub icon on the homepage.

Mandatory MOT testing reintroduced from the 1 st August

With MOTs now mandatory from the 1st August, managing your workload will be key for a successful workshop. Scheduling your work now can help define your working hours and which technician you’ll need, as well as help you effectively manage your finances. Start by: ■ Working through your database to understand which customers have MOTs or services that are overdue or needed in the next few weeks ■ Contact these owners by telephone explaining you are open and offering an early booking slot of their choice:

☐ One garage owner reported a 43% uptake on the phone calls he made in a single day ☐ Another owner stated a mailshot resulted in no bookings however phone calls resulted in 11 bookings on the day the calls were made ☐ If possible, offer a collection and delivery service ☐ If not, then explain the new process and that it has been set up to ensure social distancing rules are met

There are millions of cars and light commercial vehicles on the road fitted with air conditioning. And what’s more, the vast majority of all new vehicle registrations now come with aircon as standard.

Up until the end of 2016 vehicles could be fitted with either R134a or 1234yf gas systems. Changes in EU legislation now means that every car manufactured from the beginning of 2017 can only be fitted with the 1234yf gas systems. The chances of a vehicle coming into your garage with 1243yf gas are fast increasing, so whether you’re looking to add air-conditioning as an additional service you offer or are looking to upgrade your existing machine, you need to make sure you have the right equipment. ■ 50% of all vehicles with aircon are fitted with 1234yf ■ R134a and 1234yf gas are not interchangeable ■ Different equipment is required to service both types of gas Different Types of Gas

Air conditioning is not part of a routine vehicle service. Consequently, it often becomes an after-thought despite manufacturers recommending that the system should be checked and serviced regularly. ■ Millions of vehicles are fitted with air-con systems ■ 95% of all new vehicle registrations come with air-conditioning as standard ■ Air-conditioning systems should be serviced every 12 months ■ Gas should be topped up every year Why Invest in Aircon Equipment

If you’re currently outsourcing air conditioning servicing because you don’t have the right equipment at your garage, you should consider purchasing one. This will ensure you avoid turning away customers. ■ Increased revenue streams for your workshop ■ Minimal technician hands on time ■ Avoid subcontracting the work out to another garage ■ Increased customer satisfaction and retention Benefits

ECK TWIN PRO 251770820

ECK FLAG 251774100



12 Ltr

3 m



WHY BUY ME? ■ One Machine that Works with Both Gas Types ■ Hybrid Compatible ■ Fully Automatic. Minimal Technician Time Required ■ 2 Year Warranty ■ On-Site Installation and Operator Training

WHY BUY ME? ■ 1234YF Gas ■ Hybrid Compatible ■ Fully Automatic. Minimal Technician Time Required ■ 2 Year Warranty ■ On-Site Installation and Operator Training



Lease Term 2 YEAR 3 YEAR 4 YEAR 5 YEAR Weekly Payment £40 .24 £28 .29 £22 .48 £19 .09 First Payment £173 .04 £121 .65 £96 .66 £82 .08 Monthly Payments £173 .04 £121 .65 £96 .66 £82 .08 Total Cost £4,152 .96 £4,379 .28 £4,639 .48 £4,924 .69 Buy or Lease with Confidence Lease quotation for ECK TWIN

Lease quotation for ECK FLAG

Lease Term 2 YEAR 3 YEAR 4 YEAR 5 YEAR Weekly Payment £24 .95 £17 .38 £13 .59 £11 .34 First Payment £108 .15 £75 .27 £58 .90 £49 .13 Monthly Payments £108 .15 £75 .27 £58 .90 £49 .13 Total Cost £2,595 .60 £2,709 .72 £2,827 .08 £2,947 .50

*All Figures are Subject to VAT. Subject to Credit Check.

The most effective application from fault to fix


HaynesPro WorkshopData™ combines essential maintenance and repair data with detailed technical drawings, using a unique electronic data modules and intelligent diagnostics. Enabling mechanics to diagnose, maintain and repair passenger cars, light commercial vehicles.**

Key HaynesPro Features ■ Up to 4 simultaneous users at one time ■ Includes labour & repair times ■ Wiring diagrams, guided diagnostics, technical service, bulletins and recalls ■ One single access to all makes based on OEM data

Benefits to Your Business ■ Help identify issues quickly and reduces on-job times as well as non-billable hours ■ Very easy to use and mobile friendly. Most information is no more than two clicks away ■ Keep all garage functions running simultaneously ■ Gives your garage the bespoke step up, propelling you into the best of the best

* Contact your branch for more details on this offer. ** Truck diagnostics can be added as an additional subscription at an additional fee.

The CarSys Garage Management Software (GMS) is your new perfect partner for managing all aspects of your workshop simply and easily. From managing stock, organising jobs and invoicing customers CarSys allows you to do it all – anytime, anywhere! Take control of your workshop

Download our app!

How can Car Sys help your garage?

ONLINE PARTS ORDERING order any required parts directly from CarSys quicker and easier than ever before by using Euro Car Parts market leading catalogue SIMPLE QUOTE AND INVOICING from CarSys, direct to your customers, without face to face contact ACCOUNTING INTEGRATION stay on top of your accounting via integration to your Sage online/offline and QuickBooks online book-keeping software ACCESS TO BASIC TECHNICAL DATA improve repair times, service schedules, manuals and fluid look ups

CLOUD BASED CarSys is entirely cloud based meaning that no installation is required and access is possible from any device with internet connectivity. All updates are downloaded automatically without affecting the performance of the GMS EFFICIENT GARAGE MANAGEMENT manage jobs, technician availability and new bookings easily whilst allowing customers to book their repairs online

SIMPLE STOCK CONTROL manage stock levels and orders directly within CarSys

Get in touch For more information about CarSys and advice on using the software please contact your nearest Euro Car Parts branch today.


MULTIBUY OFFER PACK OF 6 FOR £41 .70 542772979

Designed specifically to... • Neutralise Coronavirus • Completes the task in 7 minutes • 2 minutes discharge and 5 minutes activation • Covers up to 8 cubic metres • Leaves no problem residue behind • In line with ECDC current guidelines* The perfect way to neutralise Coronavirus in vehicles

*European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control Active ingredient has been tested to EN1276 and EN13697 standards. Manufactured in the United Kingdom

Products available while stocks last. We reserve the right to amend/withdraw any offer in any way and at any time without compensation. For full terms and conditions please see E & O prices exclude VAT. Trade only. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers. Images for illustrative purposes only. Copyright © 2020 Euro Car Parts.

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