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April 5, 2017

EST. 1885

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SHYNE & TATYANA by Mary Spera


Meet Tatyana and Shyne an interesting duo. At age 10 Tatyana was diagnosed with hereditary fructose intolerance, sometimes called HFI. It is an inborn error of fructose metabolism caused by a deficiency of the enzyme aldolase B. Individuals affected with HFI are asymptomatic until they ingest fructose, sucrose, or sorbitol. If ingested, the enzymatic blocks at aldolase B causes an accumulation of fructose-1-phosphate. This accumulation had downstream effect on gluconeogenesis and regeneration of adenosine reported deaths in infants and children as a result of the metabolic consequences of HFI. Death in HFI is always

The North Central Jets took on three teams on the District level and won. The games were all held at the Stephenson gym. NCA first beat the Carney Wolves 72-44, which was their 76th straight win! 2 days later they took on the North Dickinson Nordics and won their 77th straight game by a score of 70-41. The third and final game of the District play-offs saw NCA Jets and the Bark River-Harris Broncos facing off. Jets were the victors for a third time that week giving them their #78 victory with a score of 79-60. The following week saw them travelling to Negaunee where they won the Regional title after taking on first Dollar Bay 75-73, then Rapid River two nights later, again in Negaunee for a final score of 95-51! The first leg of the journey to State Champions saw the Jets visiting Sault Ste. Marie and facing off against the Hillman Tigers. The Jets played and beat the Hillman team in the 2015 quarterfinals by a score of 63-1! The Jets also won this game by a score of . This marked North Central's #81 straight win! Onward to the Breslin Center in Lansing! North Central took on Detroit Southfield Christian. This game was a real "nail biter" with double over- time! The lead exchanged hands time and again and with 6.5 seconds left, the Jets called a time out, set up a play, that play didn't pan out but at the buzzer, Seth Polfus was able to sink the ball for 2 points and the Jets had victory # 82!! That game will long be remembered by many fans for many reasons! The final game of the 2016-2017 basket ball season for the Jets saw them, still at Breslin Center, still in Lansing and taking on Buckley. The Jets came out with a flurry of energy and made basket after basket, shooting 80%! The following three quarters saw the Jets cool off and Buckley come back to within a few points several times before the final buzzer rang and saw the Jets victorious for their third Class D Boys' High School Basketball State Championship in a row by a score of 78-69! This team has a 28-0 season for this year, 83-0 for the past three seasons! That's hard to imagine. Many new records have been set, many records broken, new heights achieved by this Championship basketball team! Awards have been handed out to the coach and many players on this team. Some of the awards are as follows: Coach Adam Mercier-Named Coach of the Year for the All UP Class D Team, AP Coach of the Year. Coach Mercier has a string of 83-0 for the last three seasons and a record of 188 wins, 78 losses overall in his career as a high school basketball coach at North Central. Jason Whitens has scored over 2000 points in his high school career, 2062 to be exact, he has also been unanimously chosen for the UP Dream Team, he was chosen as #3 in the State's Mr. Basketball competition, he holds a 108-1 record for his high school career which is a first all time record for the State of MI as well as for the number of games played and victories won. Dawson Bilski , who has been offered a scholarship to attend MTU, which he intends to do, has been chosen as co-player of the year, along with Jason Whitens, on the All UP team. (continued on page 12)

associated with problems in diagnosis. It is an autosomal recessive condition caused by mutations in the ALDOB gene. HFI is typically suspected based on dietary history, especially in infants who become symptomatic after breast feeding. Tatyana will have this hereditary disease all of her life. Her service dog Shyne accompanies her to work every day and wears a backpack carrying all of the necessary medicines in the event of an attack. Shyne instinctively knows when things change in Tatyana’s body chemistry and will alert her to an impending attack by gently nudging with his nose or will begin to paw at her to get her attention. Shyne never leaves Tatyana’s side and you will see them working together at the Pet Supplies Plus store in Iron Mountain. Shyne a 2 year old golden retriever is a very loyal and life- saving companion. If you see the duo at the store, please try to refrain from petting or distracting Shyne as he is working. No service dog should be touched or distracted without the full consent and permission of the owner. Petting, talking to or otherwise distracting these dogs can interfere with their job and pose a serious danger to the dog and handler.Tatyana is a beautiful young woman with a wonderful spirit and is a pleasure to speak with. She considers herself fortunate to have Shyne. There are many types of service dogs. A service dog is defined as any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal that is trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. Always remember that not all disabilities are visible. Service dogs and their human companions must be allowed access to buildings (including restaurants, libraries, supermarkets, and churches), transportation systems, and other public areas and services. Service dogs should have all the characteristics of a therapy dog, plus a few others. (continued page 3) Moraska Highway Memorial Fund Anyone wishing to contribute can write a check payable to Moraska Highway Fund Donations can be made at the First National Bank of Norway and at all branch locations: Powers, Carney, Norway and Iron Mt. Funds will be used to purchase signs and unveiling ceremony. For additional information call The Norway Current 906-563-5212 THANK YOU! 605 Saginaw St. Norway, MI 49870 906-563-5212 fax:906-563-5904 email:

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