Move-out Checklist


Depending on the scope of the authorization Dwellworks will assist with the following steps:


PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL CANCELLATIONS NEED TO BE DONE IN WRITING! In general, cancellations need to be printed, signed and send with postal service.

Lease contract

Needs to be sent via post with original signature of tenant


Most utilities are cancelled retroactively as a meter reading is required

Clubs/Memberships/Gym According to the agreed cancellation period Telephone/cable-TV / Mobile telephone / internet

Many contracts are for a fixed period of time and cannot be cancelled mid- term. Then a penalty needs to be paid.

License fee for broadcasting services (Rundfunkbeitrag)

Deregistration forms are available at the next bank or online: .


According to the agreed cancellation period

ADAC (Automobile Club) According to the agreed cancellation period Monthly/yearly train tickets According to the agreed cancellation period


Moving company Return of property

Scheduling hand-over meeting with tenant and landlord to return the property and completing a walk-through-protocol and signed by the landlord and the tenant. Please advise of any damage in the property in advance so it can be resolved before the hand-over.

Security deposit

Negotiation with landlord on return of security deposit


Place of residence

At the local authorities (Stadtverwaltung) - de-registration automatically cancels work permit for Non-EU nationals, regardless of validity date

Child benefit

At the local employment office / Familienkasse best via e-mail

Kindergarten/School Dog(s) Closing of bank account

At the local authorities (Stadtverwaltung)

We recommend leaving the bank account open for outstanding payments and refunds for approx. 3-6 months. It is advisable to discuss the closing procedure via fax or email with the bank before leaving. Involve car dealer when selling the car or return license plates when exporting the vehicle.


Placing mail forwarding order

Forms available online: Nachsendeservice / Privat

Please note that this list is only general information. Depending on your individual situation there may be further/ different steps which need to be taken.

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