Brad Churchwell's Home Trends February 2016

Arranging Your Living Room

When arranging furniture in your living room, placing pieces on the diagonal makes the room look larger and more interesting. You don’t have to place every item on the diagonal to start, but one of the larger pieces in the room can serve as a good starting point. See how the angle works and feels from the entrance of the room; it should open the room and welcome guests not close the room off. Place chairs and sofas no more than 8’ apart to allow for a cozy, yet not too spacious sitting area. Coffee tables or side tables should be 14” to 18” away from sofas and chairs. If you need space to walk around or behind furniture, 30” is a safe amount so people will be comfortable. Ensure traffic flow goes behind the furniture and not between it and the room’s focal point. If the room doesn’t have a focal point, create one by using art, a television or a portable fireplace.

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