Sandy Spring Friends School Boarding - #YouAreWelcomeHere

SSFS Guiding Principles: The “SPICES” To help create a stable and nurturing environment for our students, the Sandy Spring Friends School Boarding Program celebrates the following six fundamental, guiding Quaker principles (“The SPICES”) in making decisions about boarding life: SIMPLICITY: We strive to live a life free of gratuitous complications, unnecessary material items, or lavish surroundings. We also honor simplicity in our interactions and experiences with one another. Students who are given respect, responsibilities, and clear expectations in a fair, honest, and supportive environment will learn to respect themselves and others. PEACE: We do not believe in solving conflicts with harsh verbal or physical restraint. While disagreements among people living together are inevitable, conflict can be addressed with compassion, patience, and respect for differences in opinion. Community members believe in one another’s ability to act and live peacefully and provide support for one another in this practice. INTEGRITY: We believe that each person has the capacity to live truthfully, respect other people, and strive toward living a life guided by moral principles. Living together in a dormitory, we expect and encourage these goals of one another. COMMUNITY: We believe in a sense of commitment and responsibility to those with whom we live, work, and learn. Joined by similar ideals and a common environment, we develop an understanding and appreciation of cultural, social, political, and religious diversity in the people and world around us. EQUALITY: We believe that there is goodness within each person; therefore, it is important that we view one another as equally valued members of the community. With a fundamental sense that we are all equally valued, each individual is better able, and expected to contribute unique and individual gifts to the community. STEWARDSHIP: We not only have a responsibility to care and respect one another within the dormitory but also have to give back and create change in our larger communities. The world benefits from committed individuals who act with a sense of service.

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