instruction_GROUP2015 registration

Only payment by credit card will be accepted onsite.

Please be informed that bank transfers submitted to the wrong Meeting bank account will not be transferred to the correct account. As a result the payment will still be considered pending and the participant will be asked to pay for the registration onsite. Only in a second stage will reimbursement be possible (see cancellation and refund policy).

STEP 4  Payment overview

If you would like to pay by bank transfer:

1. Tick the box that says “ By bank transfer ” 2. Agree the Terms & Conditions by ticking the related box 3. Click on “ Submit payment ” 4. Bank account details will be automatically displayed 5. Proceed with you payment or contact in case of doubt

If you would like to pay by credit card ( Visa or MasterCard only accepted):

1. Choose your credit card company 2. Insert credit card details 3. Agree the Terms & Conditions by ticking the related box 4. Click on “ Submit payment ” in order to pay or click on “ Stop payment and save for later ” in order to pay at a later stage

A notification email will be automatically sent to you, together with a proof of purchase which shows the payment status. Please note that this is only a notification of registration and NOT a confirmation of registration.

The official confirmation letter will be sent to the group contact persons, after receipt of full payment of the registration fee. The confirmation letter is the only official document that certifies the registration. Please note that badge (needed to access scientific session) and congress material will be handed out onsite upon this confirmation letter only.


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