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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Slimming World helps Hannah have a dream pregnancy

encouraged by the Royal College of Midwives and that I could still attend my group and follow food optimising. “My third pregnancy was amazing. I was able to feel pregnant and not just ‘extra fat’. I was deemed low risk, but put under consultant care due to my second child’s size. “I was encouraged to have the birth/labour that I wanted and my blood pressure was normal. “I was able to shop in local shops for maternity clothes and that felt amazing due to never being able to previously do it, but I will never forget that feeling of being pregnant and having a proper bump. “Our third baby was born, surprisingly, at home attended by paramedics, due to her not wanting to wait. “I felt able, confident and proud that I was able to deliver her at home, not hindered by my size or weight. “During my third pregnancy I attended my local Slimming World group every week and was given support, guidance and confidence by each person. “I gained 1.5 stone and felt in control of my body and my pregnancy, very different from my first two pregnancies. “The good news is, a month after giving birth, I weigh less than when I fell pregnant and continue to attend my group each week. My current weight loss is 11 stone 2lbs and it feels great. “If I can do it anybody can. Be in control of your body and your future.”

HANNAH Turner knows what it is like to be overweight and pregnant. She said: “It took over a year to fall pregnant with my first child. I suffered from high blood pressure headaches and the pregnancy was considered high risk due to my size and high BMI, so I was put under consultant care. “I still didn’t feel the need to lose weight, and when it came to the birth I was told I could not have any of the usual options as I would need to have an epidural in case I needed to go to theatre. “Our daughter was born after a relatively straightforward labour and weighed 8lbs 13oz. “The whirlwind of nappy changes, feeding and total love for our new addition meant that I still carried on eating as I had always done, gaining even more weight. “It was no surprise when my second pregnancy was also deemed high risk and I was again placed under consultant care. “Once again my choices were limited and I had to have an epidural. We ended up giving “Both of my pregnancies would have been smoother with less intervention if I had been smaller. I was advised by medical professionals to try and lose weight. I knew I needed to address my own needs when my knees started to ache, I sweated doing the smallest of tasks, I was breathless, had acid reflux, birth to an 11lb 4oz baby, naturally, and with sheer determination.

constant heartburn, my clothes didn’t fit, I felt unattractive, I became shy and nervous in bigger groups and my love for food became a comfort rather than a joy. “I joined Slimming World with my friend Lorna after Christmas 2013. “I can honestly say that was the start of getting the old Hannah back. I didn’t have to calorie count or limit what I was eating. We could still eat as a family and embrace a new way of eating. “I lost nine stone in the first year and gained my confidence and my love of fashion also returned. “Then, in the second year I went on to lose 10.5 stone in total. My acid reflux medication stopped within the first three months of losing weight as I no longer needed it. “My husband and I began to discuss having a third baby, but I was extremely nervous that I’d gain all the weight that I had lost. “I did some research and found out that Slimming World is the only weight loss company

Take control of yur health ARE you struggling with: n Recurrent neck pain or headaches n Unresolved back pain n Sciatica n Low energy n Digestive issues n Difficulty sleeping unlike any in the local area. It has excellent facilities such as on-site x-rays, spinal rehabilitation equipment, as well as access to a host of private laboratories for functional and genetic testing. This enables Spriggs’ professional practitioners to get to the root cause of your symptoms and provide tailored, evidence-based care plans.

enough. Treatment is tailored to individual needs.” Laura I “Excellent facilities and excellent service.” Linval A “I cannot praise them enough they supported me through one of the worst experiences of my life. Thank you Mark and Helen I will never forget you or how you helped me.” Evelyn S For more information please contact Spriggs on (01635) 43238 or email or Check out the websites and Or find Spriggs on social media.

n Knowing what to eat that’s good for you as an individual? Then take control of your health and see if Spriggs can help you achieve your health goals in 2018. It supports patients with a host of health conditions through its chiropractic and nutritional therapy services. The Spriggs clinic, located near the Clocktower in central Newbury, is a modern clinic,

It also runs free regular health talks that are open to all, not just existing patients. Like Spriggs’ Facebook pages @SpriggsChiropractic and @SpriggsNutrition to keep up to date with details of when they are and reserve your place. Here’s what some patients say: “Can’t recommend highly

Spriggs ChiropracƟc offers both symptomaƟc relief and correcƟve care using ChiropracƟc BioPhysics ® for a variety of condiƟons.

Find out more at: www.spriggschiropracƟ hello@spriggschiropracƟ Tel: 01635 43238 Suite1, The Courtyard London Road, Newbury RG14 1AX On-site X-rays ChiropracƟve adjustments RehabilitaƟon


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Find out more at: www.spriggsnutriƟ hello@spriggsnutriƟ Tel: 01635 43238 Suite1, The Courtyard London Road, Newbury RG14 1AX FuncƟonal and geneƟc tesƟng Personalised NutriƟon Plans



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