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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Newbury Weekly News

Take advantage of the coolest gym in town

number of machines, flow of the ceiling, lighting and so on. It’s not your standard gym. This same attention to detail is also reflected in how the staff members, and the owner of Advantage Fitness, Chris Griffiths, work with their members and clients. Mainstream they are not. Chris could not accept the traditional ‘minimalist’ approach to weight loss and fitness that is prevalent in most gyms.

programmes. A beyond-holistic approach to your body transformation The staff are aware of everything that could be stopping you from achieving the body and fitness that you dream of. Their Body Transformation Programmes work with you to help you see what they see – which is essentially the ability to have that body you desire. They look at where you are in your psyche around fitness and food and what needs to happen to

He set out to create a gym that represents the real deal, a real approach to fitness and body transformation that supports success, through addressing your individual needs all the way through the process of your transformation, as well as your body’s needs, so that you can easily make this a lifestyle change rather than a phase. At Advantage Fitness, you can find all of the training machines that you need to enjoy your workout and world class transformational coaching

make improvements there. Where you are in your muscle ability, stamina and balance, or imbalances in your body. Everything is covered. Have an injury? Aches and pains? Fear not, Advantage Fitness has you covered. It has quite the reputation for aiding injury recovery, and restoring balance in your body so that you ache no more. All you have to do is go to the

gym. Advantage Fitness gym is innovative, world-class and huge. It resolves all of the problems that you might face in your journey to your dream body, and helps you through them. You will see this for yourself when you visit, you’ll see that it stands by its conviction. There’s a free three-day pass waiting for you at the bottom of this page, so you have no excuse to get in there and make 2018 your year.

ADVANTAGE Fitness is about to celebrate the fourth birthday of one of the coolest and unique independent gyms in the UK. As soon as you walk through the doors, you will see for yourself that this gym is different and designed with every last detail in mind, so that you want to be there, in that environment, enjoying your workout. Take a look for yourself – the mirrors, equipment, colour coding of the equipment, chang- ing rooms, the welcome area,

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