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Issue 82 SPRING 2015

Sumner Has a Bright Idea

Report to Taxpayers by the numbers

After a pilot program on Main Street by the High School, Sum-

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ner is converting approximately 546 of its 882 streetlights to use LED lights. Although there is an up-front cost, the City will receive a $29,000 rebate and start saving electricity use right away. Beyond costs and savings, the LED lights provide better lighting. It is not any brighter than the existing lights, but LEDs better replicate sunlight, helping to best illuminate pedestrians and vehicles. For information on how to convert your own light bulbs to LED or other energy efficient bulbs, visit Puget Sound Energy’s website at www.pse.com. Budget HighlightsTwoYears Did you know that the City gets only 4% of your property tax and 16% of the sales tax generated here? Or that the City will complete the automation and control of lighting at the Daffodil Valley Sports Complex? Or that $160,000 from real estate excise tax will fund an effort to identify projects to help the City better comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? Far from lists of numbers, the City’s Biennial Budget for 2015-16 is a tool to help you understand how your money is being spent so that the City can provide the needed and valued services that promote our sense of community. You can take a look at the budget’s new reader-friendly de- sign anytime on the City’s website at www.ci.sumner.wa.us.

Po lice Departme nt

14,844 calls for service 2,352 reports written 664 arrests 2,700 vehicle stops 778 parking infractions issued 218 accidents investigated 150+ 5th graders taught life skills 53 impaired drivers arrested

27 appropriated funds budgeted for two years ’

$20,000 health care savings by earning wellcity award 1 new city logo that required updating in many places! 0 financial audit findings 16,474 times e-news read 43% e-news open rate (standard is 24%) Administrativ e Services


4% of property tax bill goes to City of Sumner

E-news Read 48% times more than 2013

317,280 views to city website 114,171 views to metro website

Public Works

57.6 miles of road 64.9 miles of sidewalk 10 traffic signals 28.46 acres of parks 16 pump stations 25 acres of cemetery 16 miles of fish-bearing streams 203 street signs repaired

90.3 miles of water pipeline 5 water storage tanks 4 springs, 3 wells 53.8 miles of sewer pipeline

53.2 miles of stormwater pipeline 2,446 stormwater catch basins 41 city-maintained storm facilities 621 storm &1,009 sewer manholes 400+ irrigation heads from golf course reused at cemetery

City Council Action January - March 2015 Full minutes, agenda bills and background information for these items and all items passed by Council are available online at www.ci.sumner. wa.us under Government. Authorized amendment to KPG, Inc. Consultant Services contract Adopted Ordinance 2513 authorizing property acquisition for pump station

Adopted Ordinance 2511 amending code to remove the fee schedule for the cemetery Appointed Randy Radniecki, Patrick Reed and Joleen Peterson to the Design Commission Elected Councilmember Hochstatter as deputy mayor Adopted Resolution 1419 approving agreement with Auburn for adjustment of city boundaries Adopted Resolution 1420, support for position letter regarding SoundTransit Station Access in Sumner Authorized amendment to FCS Group contract for evaluating stormwater SDC options Adopted Resolution 1421 accepting donated radios from City of Puyallup Approved lodging tax fund contract withTacoma South Sound Sports Commission for $5,000

Community De v elopme nt

1,038 pages drafted for 2015 comprehensive plan 733 permits issued 4-6 weeks average turnaround for permits $20,335,271 value of projects permitted

Approved Resolution 1422, devesting the CDBG fund interest in Multipurpose Center Authorized 2015-17 Collective Bargaining Agreement with Police Guild Adopted Ordinance 2513 amending 2015 compensation schedule Authorized Memo of Agreement with Pierce County for Street Striping Authorized interlocal agreement with South Correctional Entity Authorized Intolight Street Light LED Conversion Adopted Resolution 1423, authorizing surplus of 1987 Volvo AutoTanker Adopted Ordinance 2514 amending code to adopt evidentiary standard of review

2,355 court filings 778 infraction hearings 2,155 criminal hearings 6 jury trials Municipal Court

3,477 calls for service 9,167 human visitors 6,118 phone calls 1,539 incoming animals Metro Animal Services

345 pets adopted to new families 329 lost pets returned to owners 40+ volunteers provided 4,988 hours valued at $133,272.68

Metro Animal calls for service 39% more than 2013

509 more permits than 2013

Case of Mistaken Identity: how often have you found an unpleasant present left by a dog who mistook your yard for his personal restroom? Let us know at www.ci.sumner.wa.us.

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