Dambusters Exhibition Programme


In 2018, as a nation, we mark the centenary of the establishment of the Royal Air Force as the UK’s aerial peace-keeping and fighting force. For St Edward’s, this is a particularly poignant anniversary: some four hundred of the School’s alumni have served in the RAF, including sixty- one in the Great War and two hundred and eighty five in the Second World War. St Edward’s alumni include many illustrious names from the history of aviation such as aircraft pioneers Geoffrey De Havilland and Louis Strange alongside celebrated RAF Officers Guy Gibson, leader of the Dambuster raid, maverick ace Adrian Warburton, the and legendary fighter pilot Douglas Bader. Every visitor to the exhibition will experience a very real connection with the seismic events that have shaped the RAF’s first 100 years. I would like to extend my particular thanks to two former pupils of the School whose work on this exhibition made it all possible. Mike Stanfield is the Chairman of The North Wall Trust and Dr Simon Innes- Robbins is Senior Curator at the Imperial War Museum.

On 19th November 1955, the School was officially presented with the Commemorative Window pictured above by the Air Council of the RAF in ‘recognition of the fine record of boys from St Edward’s in the Royal Air Force’. This exhibition is organised jointly by The North Wall and its principal sponsor, St Edward’s School. It draws on rare materials from the archives of St Edward’s and the Imperial War Museum, and photographic materials from the agency TopFoto. The exhibition is curated by Dr Simon Innes-Robbins OSE, Senior Curator at the Imperial War Museum.

Stephen Jones


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