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This hard-won capability is highly marketable and our longer-term aim is to ensure the UK service sector fulfils its potential to increase its share of the global market. That’s why we’re involved in the first ever Energy Exports Conference to be organised by Energy Industries Council (EIC) in Aberdeen. This two- day event in June 2019 is expected to highlight over $150 billion of worldwide project opportunities, with companies focusing on areas that specifically require UK oil and gas supply chain expertise. 5. Brexit While we are a global industry, we have long been part of the EU. Whatever the impact of Brexit, Oil & Gas UK continues to work closely with government to ensure that the UK remains competitive and attractive to investors both during and after the negotiations. Key priorities include maintaining a strong voice in Europe, safeguarding our licence to operate on the UKCS, protecting energy trading and the internal energy market and securing frictionless access to markets and labour. Oil & Gas UK has identified at least 12 items of new legislation/ regulation that are under review

from the EU and that could impact our industry. These include, for example, the introduction of the Union Customs Code (UCC) in 2016, which replaced the Community Customs Code and brought about fundamental changes to how goods are imported from or exported to the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS). Our Supply Chain Forum has produced a UCC information paper to provide general guidance on the UK customs import and export requirements and the topic continues to be a focus alongside industry’s ongoing Brexit discussions. We are preparing for Brexit with a sense of pragmatism, ensuring there is a greater understanding of the need for frictionless access to people, goods and services. Getting that right by removing legislative uncertainty and preventing additional costs will enable our industry to build on its hard-won achievements and maximise the economic recovery of oil and gas from the UKCS.

Making progress on these five key areas will go a long way towards restoring the capability and capacity of our supply chain. While challenges lie ahead, there is renewed confidence in the future of the UKCS outlined in Vision 2035. If we realise this shared ambition not only can we add a new generation of productive life to the basin, but also double the supply chain’s share of the global oilfield services market.

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www.oilandgasuk.co.uk/ supplychaincodeofpractice/

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