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Transition is one of a series of interlinked AFBE-UK programmes that contribute to the overall mentoring culture in the organisation. Adds Ollie: “I would certainly have liked help to prepare for the challenges I encountered in my earlier career. If I’d had a mentor, I could have had some insight into how to react to certain situations and that’s a big driver for me in doing this. I didn’t have that as someone starting out.”

It’s a ‘safe’ environment in which they can ask what they may think are stupid questions or challenge something. Sometimes their own work environment might not feel like the right place to do that.

Andy Brown


The next ECITB mentoring intake will commence in March 2019. Interested participants should email enquiries and questions to PM-Mentoring@ecitb.org.uk or visit www.ecitb.org.uk/

Giving back Sarah believes that mentoring has taken on a higher profile in

Project-Management/ Mentoring-Programme.

pushes the boundaries and puts mentees together

The next AFBE Transition event will be held on 16 February 2019 in Aberdeen, and in Edinburgh

with mentors who are not just like them,” she adds. “It gives them the opportunity to branch out and make it more of a rounded process.” Adds Andy: “Whether mentor or mentee, it’s important to do it because you believe it’s the right thing to do. That’s the only way you’ll make the most of your commitment. Don’t do it because you feel you must or your business told you to. “If you’re a mentor, think about how your experience can shape the success of the industry. You’re putting something back.”

recent years, although that doesn’t mean it is something that can be adopted universally. “It’s a great option to have but it’s not something anyone should be pushed into. You have to want to be a mentor or mentee – you need to have a passion for either passing on knowledge or benefiting from the experience of others.” The value of the programme, she says, lies in taking mentoring beyond the stereotypical approach, whereby mentors might look to help someone within their company whom they see as a younger version of themselves. That has benefits for mentors too. “It

on March 2. Visit www.afbe.org.uk for more details.

For advice on how to get involved with AXIS, either as a mentor or mentee, email info@axisnetwork.co.uk or visit www.axisnetwork.co.uk/ mentoring. AXIS also runs regular events with networking opportunities, where you can learn more about the AXIS Network committee.

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