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Winpark Key Attributes

Winpark’s model of parking management service delivery is embodied in its core capabilities.

 Winpark Proprietary Software with Seamless Integration— SOX and OFAC Compliant Winpark developed a proprietary software plat- form designed for Class A assets; the only man- agement software of its kind that accounts for lease abstracts, including time limits and escala- tions. This mechanism allows for accurate rate category applications at the right intervals, max- imizing revenue for property management.  Gold Standard Audit Capabilities Winpark consistently ranks at the top of the industry for exceeding property management audit benchmarks.  Considered to be Best in Class in Parking Industry From its Hines asset management experience.  Class A Tenant Service Excellence High-end service delivered by our best asset: our em- ployees.  Consulting Services Complete consulting services, from traffic flow design, to development solutions for new construction.

Winpark provides consulting and traffic flow design for its clients

Winpark provides a complete suite of consulting services and traffic flow design for Class A office building clientele.

Winpark: Powered by Propark

Propark started with one parking lot in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1984. Three best friends ac- quired a 60-car parking lot, with the aspiration to have fun and earn money by making their lot the best place to park. Today, Propark owns, operates and manages over 500 parking facilities in twenty states across America. Corporate offices are located in Hartford, Connecticut with regional offices in New York, Boston, Houston and San Francisco. Propark still continues to honor these core competencies of positive asset appreciation, along with providing a positive parking experience for every customer. Our core competencies have been designed to effec- tively scale these values across our platform at every Propark facility. The premium Propark experience integrates positive employee practices based upon strong values and ethics, account- ability, social responsibility and technological innovations at every location. These manage- ment programs applied across our value chain have resulted in integrity-valued attributes and enhanced asset value for our clients. Propark’s entrepreneurial focus on attracting premium talent, sustainability, technology and innovation create a seamless fit with the core ideals of Winpark.

Winpark is legally qualified to do business in the following jurisdictions registration numbers:

Arizona – #21045194 California – #03686466 Texas - #80141866

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