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We recognise that in a modern and sustainable supply chain, its important to be clear about the environmental impact of bringing a product to market. CCF only buys FSC or PEFC certified timber and timber products for resale. We work with Travis Perkins plc multi-site Chain of Custody certification body in order to provide you with the confidence that when we deliver the products they have been legally sourced

CCF’s, environmental management system is ISO 14001 certified. Being part of the Travis Perkins plc, environmental issues are considered in all aspects of decision making at CCF. Reducing Waste Burying waste in the ground is neither resource nor carbon efficient. It is also not affordable. We recognise that the responsible action is to both reduce volumes of waste and divert all of what’s left away from landfill. In 2012 The Travis Perkins plc sent 85% less waste to landfill than we did in 2005, the Group confirmed the target is to send zero waste to landfill by 2017. By the end of 2014, the Group expects to have achieve a 90% reduction in waste going to landfill on 2005 levels. CCF branches segregate over 20 different waste streams, for reuse or recycling. With the assistance of our national recycling facilities network we currently recycle in excess of 80% of our waste. Reducing Carbon Footprint As part of the Travis Perkins plc, our carbon reduction strategy is to reduce our emissions by 48% by 2020 from 2005 levels - this includes transport and direct emissions from heating our branches as well as indirect emissions from the generation of electricity that we use. Reducing Road Journeys

The EU Timber Regulation From March 3rd 2013 the EUTR became law within the European Union market. Meaning all timber products coming into the UK will need to be able to prove legality. Responsible Sourcing CCF can provide certified (FSC, PEFC) well managed timber upon request, meeting BREEAM requirements. We can also provide management reports to make it easy to track your certified purchases. 3 We use systems to keep track of wood products from the forest to the CCF Branch and are independently audited 3 We are verified by individual certificate numbers as each party transfers wood to the next part of the chain Other Products Many of the cement and clay based products that we sell, supply or provide are specified so that they come from supply chains with BES6001 the responsible sourcing standard for construction products. A register of suppliers and product types is kept by the BRE on the Green Book Live site. By way of purchasing responsibly and using due diligence certification schemes, you can have confidence that all sheet materials supplied by CCF are legally sourced. Where available we can provide evidence of compliance to the new BRE Environmental & Sustainability Standard for all our products.

Vehicle tracking devices have been installed across our fleet and will CCF to demonstrate a more efficient and effective delivery service including improved fuel efficiency.


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