Bohairic Coptic Dictionary Version1.0

author: Hany N. Takla 1998


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(2b)... Reference to page 2 col b of Crum's Coptic Dictionary, ... etc. adj Adjective adv Adverb d.o. Direct Object def. Definite f Feminine Noun fm Feminine or Masculine Noun, mostly feminine gen Genitive Gk Of Greek origin Gk? Perhaps of Greek origin Heb Of Hebrew origin imperat Imperative

indef. Indefinite interj Interjection or exclamation interog Interrogative Lat Of Latin origin Lit. Literally m Masculine Noun mf Masculine and Feminine Noun n,nn Noun neg Negative

p.c. part


pl Plural prep. Preposition prfx Prefix pron Pronoun Q Qualitative sg Singular subj Subject v.

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abrem : (2b); n. Something cooked, baked, ripe. abrilloc : (Gk?); n. The month 'April'. abcwn , aucon : (2b); m. Wild mint. abw : (2a); f. Dragnet, net. abwk , abok (seldom), f. aboki , pl. aboki and sg as pl: (2b); m. Crow. raven. agayartoc = akayartoc - Unclean. agay/ v. agayoc - Good (f). agayon v. agayoc - Good. agayoc , -on , f. -y/ : (Gk); adj. good, righteous, noble. agalma : (Gk); Unknown. agap/ , -/c : (Gk); f. Love, brotherly love, love of God, charity, alms, a love feast; agap/toc : adj. beloved; eragapan : vb. To love. agap/c v. agap/ - Love. agap/toc v. agap/ - Beloved. agariyonikon : (Gk); n. A kind of tree fungus. aggelia : (Gk); f. A message, tidings, news, word, speech. aggelikenoc : (Gk?); m. English in origin. aggeloc : (Gk); m. Angel, messenger, envoy. agg/n : (Gk?); n. Pot, vessel. age , pl. agete : (Gk); imperat of agw= come!, come on!; interj. come now! agel/ : (Gk); Unknown. ageli , akeli : (Gk); f. A herd of oxen, company. agete v. age - Come (pl)! agia v. agioc - Holy. agiazin : (Gk); (w/ er- ) vb. To hollow, sanctify, purify, consecrate. agiacma : (Gk); A holy place, sanctuary, holiness.

a : (1a); First letter of the alphabet; a : One; a : Thousand. a : (1a); vbal prfx derived from iri , it characterizes: a. Perfect tense, b. Pluperfect tense, c. Aorist tense. a : (1a); imperat prfx of vbs; lo , nau , ouwm , ouwn ; or alioui , amou and derivatives, ari , au . a- , au- : (1a); adv of indefinitness "about", often with n- prfx. a- : (Gk); neg prfx "without, un-". aaf v.(2) af - Fly. ab v. (2) af - Fly. abayra : (Gk); n. Bridge, dam; Lit. 'without base'. abakicye : (Gk?); n. Wild gum. aban v. aouan - Color. abaj/ini , -jini , bajini , -j/ini , - j/ni : (3a); mf. Glass, an object of glass, a thing seen in glass; canabaj/ini : m. Glass-blower or seller. abba : (Gk); m. Father; a title of respect given to elderly monks, abbot, or superior of a monastery. ab/n v. aouan - Cargo. ab/t v. abot - Months. abi aban v. aouan - A variety of colors. abin v. aouan - Cargo. abit : (2b); n. Monday. abok v. abwk - Crow. aboki v. abwk - She-crow / crows. abot ,pl. ab/t , sg as pl.: (53b); m. Month. aboui v.(1) af - Flesh. abraciwn : (Gk?); n. The abundance of grass and plants.

agiacmoc :

a/r : (Gk); Air, atmosphere. ay- v. at- - Un-. ayanatoc : (Gk); adj.




sanctification, holiness.

agion v. agioc - Holy. agioc , -on , f. -a : (Gk); m. Saint; adj. sacred, holy. agiocun/ , -ot/c : (Gk); f. Holiness, purity. agiot/c v. agiocun/ - Purity. agm/ : (Gk); Eruption (on the face), acne. agn/ v. agnoc - Pure. agnia : (Gk); f. Purity, chastity, celibacy. agnoc , f. -n/ : (Gk); adj. Pure, upright, chaste. agora v. agwra - Marketplace. agoreoc : (Gk); m. Lawyer, advocate; f. court. agrammatoc : (Gk); adj. Illiterate; n. uneducated or unlearned person. agria v. agrioc - wild. agriolakonon v. agrioc - Wild gourd. agrion v. agrioc - Wild. agrioc , -on , f. -ia : (Gk); adj. Wild, fierce, savage, vehement, harsh; agriolakonon : m. Wild gourd. agw v. akw - Filth. agwn : (Gk); m. Agony, struggle, trial, battle; eragwnizecye , eragwn/zecye : vb. To agonize, fight, struggle agwnict/c , agwniz/t/c : (Gk); Unknown. agwnoyet/c , agwn/yet/c : (Gk); Unknown. agwra , agora : (Gk); f. Marketplace, place of commerce; agwreuc : m. Vendor. agwreuc v. agwra - Vendor. adamac : (Gk); m. Diamond. adikoc : (Gk); adj. Unrighteous, unjust. adikia : (Gk); f. Wrong offence, treason, injustice. aetoc : (Gk); m. Eagle.


everlasting, immortal. ayah v. wth - Burden. ayetin : (Gk); (w/ er- ) vb. To set aside, disregard. ay/neoc : (Gk); m. Athenian. ay/r v. hay/r - Hammer. ayl/cic , aylucic : (Gk); f. Conflict, combat, struggle, contest. ayl/t/c , aylit/c , aylut/c : (Gk); m. One who struggles, athelete, strong person. aylit/c = ayl/t/c - Strong person. aylon : (Gk); Unknown. aylovoroc : (Gk); m. Endurer of struugle. aylut/c = ayl/t/c - Strong person. aylwvoroc = aylovoroc - Endurer of struggle. ayreu v. atre - Twin. ayrioc : (Gk?); n. Thou al-qaada, the 11th month of the Arabic lunar calendar. aywr : (728a); n. Hatur, the 3rd month of the Coptic calendar. ai= v. iri - To do. aiai , oi (Q): (1b); vi. To increase, advance in age; (Q) great, honored; ---: m. Increase, growth. aiguptia v. aiguptioc - Egyptian. aiguptiazecye : (Gk); (w/ er- ) vb. To be like an Egyptian, to follow the Egyptians, to speak like an Egyptian. aiguptioc , f. -ia : (Gk); m. Egyptian; aiguptogen/c : of Egyptian race; aiguptoc : m. Egypt, the Nile. aiguptogen/c v. aiguptioc - Of Egyptian race. aiguptoc v. aiguptioc - Egypt. aik : (3a); m. Consecration of a place;

eraik : v. To consecrate; [iaik : v. To consecrate.

ait/ma , et/ma : (Gk); m. Request, demand, assumption, petition. aiou : (19b); n. (w/ er- ) means to go or travel. akayoc = agayoc - Good. akayarton v. akayartoc - Unclean. akayartoc , -on : (Gk); adj. Unclean, defiled, filthy (in body or mind). (1) akakia , -ac : (Gk); f. Acacia tree. (2) akakia , -ac : (Gk); adj. Innocence, simplicity. akakiac v. (1) akakia - Acacia. akakiac v. (2) akakia - Innocence. akeli v. ageli - Herd of oxen. akereoc : (Gk?); adj. Meek. akeroc : (Gk); adj. Ill-timed, unseasonable. ak/c : (3b); m. Girdle, breeches. akia = agia - Holy. akilia : (Gk?); f. A type of flies or plants. (2) akl/ , kal/ , akli , alk/ : (3b); f. A pottery vessel used for food or liquid storage. akli v. akl/ - Pottery vessel. akm/n : (Gk); adv. Still as yet. akxiwma = axiwma - Honor akolouyia : (Gk); Unknown. akon/ , -/c : (Gk); f. Whetstone, bone. akon/c v. akon/ - Bone. akraton v. akratoc - Unmixed. akratoc , -on : (Gk); adj. Unmixed, pure, unadulterated. akribwc : (Gk); adv. Precisely. (1) akinoc : (Gk?); f. A worm (?). (2) akinoc : (Gk); m. Basil-thyme. (1) akl/ , kal/ : (3b); f. Weasel.

akw , agw : (3b); f. Thing destroyed, carrion, filth, destruction. al : (3a); m. Pebble; hailstone; testicle; spot, patch on skin, eruption. al- v. aloli - Grape. alabactron v. alabactroc - Alabaster. alabactroc , -on : (Gk); m. Alabaster, white marble; a case box or casket made of alabaster esp. vessel for perfume. alableb v. alaplep - To be weary. alak v. halak - Ring. alanon : (Gk); A type of plant. alaplep , alableb : (671a); vi. To be weary, despondent; ---: m. Weariness, distress. alacw] : (6a); pl. Armies. ala,ictoc : (Gk); adj. Smallest, least; poor miserable. alektor v. alektruwn - Cock. alektruonoc v. alektruwn - Cock. alektruwn , -truonoc , -twr , -tor : (Gk); nn mf. Cock, hen. alektw r v. alektruwn - Cock. alexanarinoc : (Gk); m. Native of alexandria. al/yinon v. al/yinoc - True. al/yinoc , -on: (Gk); adj. Real, trustworthy, true. al/yoc = al/ywc - Truly. al/ywc : (Gk); adv. Truely, actually, in reality. al/i : (4a); imperat of ali= ; vi. To mount, go up, go on, go on board; --- ehr/i : vi. To mount up, ascend in years; --- ejen- : vi. To ascend, go up; --- eqr/i ejen- : vi. To descend upon. alyilia : (Gk); m. A type of gum. ali v. wli - Hold. ali : (4b); m. Fenugreek.

akt/n v. aktic - Ray. akt/r v. aktic - Ray. aktin v. aktic - Ray.

aktic , akt/n , aktin , akt/ r: (Gk); m. Ray, sunbeam; brightness, splendor, glory.

aligwn : (Gk?); m. A kind of candy or sweets. alil , alili : (6a); m. Field mouse.

aloli , al- , el- , leli- : (54b); m. & sg as pl. Grape, vine; alswou : m. Raisen; bw naloli : f. Vine; lele,/mi : m. Bruise; ma naloli : m. Vineyard. aloj , pl. alwj : (7a); m. Arms (pl); knees (pl); shoulder (pl); thigh. alou , pl. alwoui : (5a); mf. Youth, boy, girl, maiden, servant; metalou : f. Time of youth, youthfulness; metrefqatebalou : m. Child- slaying; eralou : vb. To be young. aloubeh : (3b); n. A white shining spot. aloubeh v. balmbeh - Bald. alva : (Gk); m. 1st letter of the alphabet; alvab/toc , -on : m. The alphabet; alvab/tarion : m. Pronunciation book, elementary reading book. alvab/tarion v. alva - Pronunciation book. alvab/ton v. alva - Alphabet. alvab/toc v. alva - Alphabet. alwm : (670a); m. Cheese. alwou , -oui : (6b); pl. Bunch (of grapes).

alili v. alil - Field mouse. aliyinon = al/yinoc - True.

alit= v. wli - Hold. alioui v. wli - Hold. aliji : (6b); m. Fuller's earth. alke , alk/ : (5b); m. Last day of the month. alk/ v. akl/ - A pottery vessel. alk/ v. alke - Last day of the month. alkoproc : (Gk?); m. A brittle metal used in making red ink. alkou : (5b); f. Flask. alkou v. elkou - Fruit of sycamore tree. alla : (Gk); conj. But; allakai : But also. allenoc : (Gk?); m. A certain kind of trees. all/goria : (Gk); f. Allegory. all/louia : (heb); Hallelujah, praise God. allogen/c : (Gk); adj. Stranger, of another race. (1) allo/ : (6a); m. Salamandar; an eastern bird. (2) allo/ : (Gk?); m. A plant. alloki v. allwki - Banana. allou : (5a); f. Eye's pupil. allotrion : (Gk); Unknown. allovuloc : (Gk); adj. Of another tribe, foreign, strange; of a different kind. allwk/ v. allwki - Banana. allwki , -wk/ , -oki : (6a); m. Banana. alogon v. alogoc - Irrational. alogoc , -on : (Gk); adj. Speechless, unutterable, irrational, absurd. alo/ , -/c : (Gk) f. The aloe. alo/c v. alo/ - Aloe. alok : (5b); m. Corner, angle.

alwoui v. alou - Youth. alwoui v. alwou - Bunch. alwj v. aloj - Arms. alswou v. aloli - Raisin. alaji : (6b); pl. Whales. amaiou v. iom - Seas.

am- v. ham- - Craftsman. amal/j : (7b); vi. Embrace; jineramal/j : m. Act of embracing. amahi : (9a); vi. To prevail, rule, be in possession, lay hold on, restrain; vt. To grasp, embrace, possess, restrict, detain; --- ejen- : vb. To rule have power over; --- nem- : vb. To hold with, support; --- hijen- : vb. To hold back, detain;

(1) amoni : (8a); vi. To prevail, be in possession, be strong; vt. Seize, possess, detain; --- ejen- : vb. Same meaning; --- nem- : vb. To support, help; --- nten- : vb. To hold, be in possession of; endure, wait for; --- hijen- : vb. To overcome; --- hijwf , atsamoni nten- : adj. Unrestrained, uncontrollable; metatsamoni nten- : f. Un- controlledness, intemperance; ---: m. Handle; --- nten- : m. Endurance, patience; metrefamoni nten- : f. Endu- rance; jinamoni : m. Arrest, restrain. (2) amoni , moni , manou= , manouou= , menn/t= : (173a); (I) vi. To pasture, feed; vt. To feed, tend cattle; ma mmoni : m. Place of pasture; refamoni : m. Shepherd; mani n- : Herd of; mani , man- : pl. man/ou , meneu , & sg as pl.: m. Herdsman, pastor; (II) vi. To be made fast, come to land, come into port (of ship); moni eqoun- : vi. To come in to shore, lie in port; vt. To bring into shore or port; ma mmoni : m. Harbor. (1) amre , pl. amr/ou & sg as pl.: (8b); m. Baker; manamre : m. Bakery; metamre : f. Art or process of baking. (2) amre : (9a); f. Cleansed, winowed (wheat). amou : (7b); vb imperat. Come, come you (m); am/ : vb imperat. Come you (f); amwini : vb imperat. Come you (pl). amwini v. amou - Come you (pl). amse v. se - Carpenter.

---: m. Power, possession; atamahi : adj. Unrestrained, uncon- trollable; metatamahi : f. Uncontrolled- ness, incontinence. ame , am/ : (55b); f. Hoe (for digging). ameyuctoc : (Gk); m. A precious stone `Amethyst'. ameleia : (Gk); n. Character or conduct of a carelss, heedless or negligent person; indeference. amelec = amel/c - Careless. amel/c : (Gk); Negligent, careless, heedless. amen] : (8b); m. Hades. ametr/t/ v. ametr/toc - Immense. ametr/t/c v. ametr/toc - Immense. ametr/toc : (Gk); adj. Unmeasured, unmeasurable, immense, unnumbered, countless, exhaustless; ametr/t/ , -/c : Same meaning. am/ v. ame - Hoe. am/ v. amou - Come! am/iri : (56a); f. Inundation, high water. am/n : (Heb); adv. Verily, of a truth, so be it; amen. am/r : (679a); m. Arms, embrace. am/ou : (7a); m. Herd (of cattle or sheep). am/s : (56a); m. Anvil. amiantoc : (Gk); adj. Undefiled, pure. amin : (7b); m. Pot (of soapstone). amici : (56a); m. Dill, anise. ammoniakon v. ammoniakoc - Am- monia. ammoniakoc ,, -on : (Gk?); m. A kind of plant; ammonia. amn v. mna - Manna. amna : (7b); m. Type of herb or perfume; manna. amnoc : (Gk); m. A lamb. amoi : (675a); interj. Would, o that.

(1) an- : (10b); m. lit. The great one of. (2) an- , pl. anan-: (10b); Prfx in collective numerals. (3) an : (10b); neg. part. following subj. and predicate; not. (4) an : (56b); interrog. part., precedes subj. ana v. wni - Stone. anabaymoc : (Gk); m. Flight of steps, stair. anabat/c : (Gk); m. Horseman, rider (cavalry). angkazin : (Gk); v. (w/ er-) To force, constrain. anagkeon : (Gk); Unknown. anagk/ : (Gk); f. Force, constraint, necessity, distress, violence, suffering, compulsion by force. anagnwcma : (Gk); m. A passage read aloud, lecture, reading. anagnwct/c : (Gk); m. Reader. anayema : m. An accursed thing, curse, excommunication, a person devoted to the devil. anay/ma : (Gk); m. A votive offering (set up in a temple). anai : (11a); vi. To be pleasing, pleasant, grow better; ---: m. Beauty; rana : vi. To be pleased; vt. To please; ranaf : m. That which pleases; metranaf : f. Act of pleasing; refrana= : f. One who pleases; metrefrana= : f. Act of pleasing; jinranaf : fm. Meaning as last; ini : adj. Pleasant, always with ctoi = perfume. anaiw : (218b); f. Peg, stake (for tent ropes or ship hawsers). anakl/ton : (Gk); Unknown. anal/m'ic = nal/'ic - Ascension. anal/'ic : (Gk); f. Feast of ascension, ascension. analum'ic = anal/'ic - Ascension.

anam/i : (524a); m. Precious stone, jewel. anan- v. an- - prfx in collective numerals. anantwri v. antwri - Minor. (1) anapai : (12a); f. Hen. (2) anapai = ia : (12a); m. Valley. anapaucic : (Gk); f. Repose, rest, ease. anarouhi v. rouhi - Evening anar,ia , -ac : (Gk); f. Anarchy, law- lessness. anar,iac v. anar,ia - Anarchy. anar,on v. anar,oc - Without begin- ning. anar,oc , -on : (Gk); adj. Without head or chief, without beginning. anar,wc = anar,oc - Without begin- ning. anactacic : (Gk); f. Resurrection, awa- kening, standing up; feast of resurrection. anactrov/ : (Gk); Unknown. anatol/ , -/c : (Gk); f. The rising of the sun or moon; east. anatol/c v. anatol/ - East. anaus v. anas - Oath. anavora , -ac : (Gk); f. Offering, sacri- fice; liturgy. anavorac v. anavora - Liturgy. ana,wrin : (Gk); (w/ er -) vb. Act of re- tirement. ana,writ/c , -tou : m. Anchorite. ana,writou v. ana,writ/c - Ancho- rite. anas , pl. anaus & sg as pl.: (12b); m. Oath; metref]anas : f. A swearing. anahwr v. aho - Storehouses. andro , -w : (Gk); m. Man, human. andrw v. andro - Man. anecy/toc : (Gk); Unknown. anelywn : (Gk?); vb. To rise, walk. anemro = embrw - Harbor.

anz/b : (12a); f. School. anyas : (12b); m. Sneeze.

anyemic : (Gk); f. A herb like camomile. anyera v. hay/r - Hammer. any/r v. hay/r - Hammer. anyimoc : (Gk?); m. 1st month of the arabic year. anyropoc , -ou : (Gk); m. Man, human, body. anyropou v. anyropoc - Human. anyupatoc , -ou : (Gk); m. Proconsul. anyupatou v. anyupatoc - Proconsul. anyouc : (11b); m. A species of `lizard'. anikam : (12b); m. A kind of `vitriol', metallic sulfate. anicon , -ou : (Gk); m. Dill, anise. anicou v. anicon - Anise. anict/ : (Gk); vb. To raise up, set up, wake up; to raise from the dead. anioui v. ini - Bring. ankevaloc : (Gk); m. Head, brain. ankoki , ankouki , enkoki : (12a); m. 3rd (ring) finger. ankouki v. ankoki - Ring finger. annonna = annwnna - Unknown. annoser : (12a); m. Wild endive, chicory. annwnna : (Gk); Unknown. ano/ton v. ano/toc - Silly. ano/toc , -on : (Gk); adj. Unheard of, senseless, silly, not thought on. ano/twc : (Gk); adv. In foolishness, in thoughtlessness. anok : (11b); pers. pron. `I'. anom : (12a); m. Skin. anomia : (Gk); f. Iniquity, sin, lawlessness; eranomin : vb. To transgress, sin. anomon v. anomoc - Lawless. anomoc , -on : (Gk); adj. Without law, lawless, impious. anon : (11b); pl. of anok , `we'. anoni : (12a); vi. To live luxuriously or wantonly. anocioc : (Gk); adj. Unholy, profane. anro v. ro ( hanro ) - Porch.

anti : (Gk); prep. Opposite, against, in place of, for the sake of. antigramma : (Gk); f. Duplicate letter. antigraveuc : (Gk); m. Checking- or copying-clerk, a public officer. antigrav/ , -on : (Gk); f. Written reply, plea, transcribing. antigravon v. antigrav/ - Plea. antidikoc : (Gk); m. Opponent or adver- sary in a suit. antikumenoc : (Gk); Unknown. antilegin : (Gk); vb. (w/ er- ) To speak against, gainsay, contradict. antilogia : (Gk); f. Contradiction, contro- versy. antilogoc : (Gk); m. Contradictory, re- verse. antion v. antioc - Opposite. antioc , -on : (Gk); adj. Set against, face to face, opposite, contrary. antl/ma : (Gk); m. Bucket for drawing water. antoli : (12a); m. Fish-eating bird. antwri : (12a); m. One of mature age; atantwri , anantwri : m. Minor, underage. anwnna = annwnna - Unknown. ansiri , an[iri : (12b); m. Species of bean, phaseolus. anjwj v. (1) jwj - Head. an[iri v. ansiri - Bean. (1) axia : (Gk); f. Worth, value, amount, reputation, dignity. (2) axia v. axioc - Worthy. axioin : (Gk); Unknown. axioc , -ia : (Gk); adj. Worthy, goodly, estimable, deserving. axiwma , -atoc : (Gk); m. Honor, reputation. axiwmatikoc : (Gk); (adj) Honorable, esteemed. axiwmatoc v. axiwma - Honor.

apa : (13a); m. Apa (title of reverence). apay/c : (Gk); adj. Not suffering, without passion or feeling, apathetic. apantan : (Gk); v. (w/ er- ) To meet, encounter, face. apant/ma : (Gk); f. Meeting, chance. apax : (Gk); adv. Once for all, once, once only. apax aplwc : (Gk); adv. In general. apar,/ : (Gk); f. Beginning of a sacrifice, primal offering, first fruits. apac : (17a); adj. Old; metapac : f. Oldness; erapac : vb. To become old; jinerapac : m. The process of growing old, aging. apat/ , -/c : (Gk); Trick, fraud, guile, treachery, Deceit. apat/c v. apat/ - Deceit. apeiroc v. apiroc - Ignorant. apelpizin : (Gk); v. (w/ er- ) To be despaired. aperanton v. aperantoc - Infinite. aperantoc , -on : (Gk); adj. Boundless, infinite, countless, unlimited, endless. aperaton , -reton : (Gk); Unknown. apereton v. aperaton - Unknown. apioc , -ou : (Gk); f. Pear tree. apiou v. apioc - Pear tree. apiroc , apeiroc : (Gk); adj. Inexperienced, ignorant. apictoc : (Gk); adj. Not to be trusted, disloyal, faithless, disobedient, unbelie- ving, suspicious. aplwc : (Gk); adv. Singly, in one way, simply, absolutely, plainly, frankly, generally. apograv/ : (Gk); Unknown. apodazecye : (Gk); v. (w/ er- ) To bid farewell. apodeixic , -dexic : (Gk); f. Demonstra- tion, showing forth, making known, exhibition, publication, proof.

apodexic v. apodeixic - Proof. apod/mon , -oc : (Gk); adj. Away from one's country; m. traveler, tourist. apod/moc v. apod/mon - Abroad. apoy/k/ , -/c : f. Magazine storehouse, refuge. apoy/k/c v. apoy/k/ - Refuge. apokalum'ic = apokalu'ic - Apo- calypse. apokalu'ic : (Gk); f. Disclosing (of hidden springs), uncovering (of the head), revelation (esp. of divine mys- teries), manifestation; biblical book of Apocalypse. apokricic : (Gk); Unknown. apolabin = apolauin - Pleasure. apolauin , -aucic : (Gk); f. Act of enjoying, pleasure. apolaucic v. apolauin - Pleasure. apoleuyeroc : (Gk?); m. Slave, bondman. apolle : (Gk?); mf. Youth. apollwn : (Gk); m. The god "Apollo". apologia : (Gk); f. Apology. apomeroc : (Gk); vb (w/ er- ) To divide off, separate. aponia = aponoia - Unknown. aponoia : (Gk); Unknown. aporin : (Gk); Unknown. apoctat/c : (Gk); m. Apostate; deserter, rebel, seceder. apoctolik/ v. apoctolikoc - Aposto- lic. apoctolikon v. apoctolikoc - Aposto- lic. apoctolikoc , -/ , -on : (Gk); adj. Apos- tolic. apoctoloc : (Gk); m. Apostle, messenger, messenger from God, ambassador, envoy. apocunagwgoc : (Gk); m. One expelled from the synagogue. aprokr/cic = apokricic - Unknown. apul/ : (Gk); Unknown.

apoun v. (2) apouc - Lame. (1) apouc : (14b); m. Bald (from ring- worm). (2) apouc , -oun : (Gk); m. Lame, without foot or feet. apovacic : (Gk); f. Sentence, decision, assertion, judgement. apuroc : (Gk); m. Without fire, cold, cheerless, brand-new, unsmelted. (1) ara : (14b); m. Door-ring. (2) ara : (Gk); prep. Since, thence. arabia : (Gk); f. Arabia. arabikoc : (Gk); adj. Arabic. arabioc : (Gk); m. Arabian. arab/c : (Gk); adj. Arabic; acpi nremarab/c : f. The Arabic language. ararim v. arim - Saltwort. arbot v. arbwt - Staff. arbwt , -ot : (702a); m. Wand, staff. areioc pagoc , arioc pagoc : (Gk); The hill of ares at Athens; Arios Pagos. aret/ : (Gk); f. Goodness, virtue, valor, excellence. aresan : (59a); Conditional vbal prfx formed from 2nd present + san , sa ; if. areh : (707b); vi. To guard, keep; --- e- : vb + d.o.; ---: m. watch, guard; ma nareh : m. Watching-place; refareh : m. Watcher, guard; metrefareh : f. Watchfulness; jinareh : m. Act of watching, guarding. ar/b , er/b , r/b : (15a); m. Pledge, deposit (of money). (1) ar/ou : (15b); adv. Perhaps, if; eb/l ar/ou adv. Except. (2) ar/ou , er/ou : (59a); nn mf. mostly w/ poss. prfx agreeing in gender and mostly in number w/ the subject of the clause; fellow, companion; each other, together, mutually.

ariymoc , -ou : (Gk); m. Number, arith- metic; Numbers (biblical book). ariymou v. ariymoc - Number. ariki : (15a); m. Blame, fault; atariki : adj. Blameless; jemariki : vb. To blame, find fault; ---: m. Fault-finding. arim , ararim : (15b); n. An edible plant "saltwort". ariopagoc = areioc pagoc - Arios pagos. arioc pagoc v. areioc pahoc - Arios pagos. arictolo,ia , -ac : (Gk); f. A herb used in healing of gaut, it is said that originally it was invented to ease the birth process. arictolo,iac v. arictolo,ia - A kind of herb. aricton , -ou : (Gk); m. Morning meal, breakfast, luncheon; banquet. arictou v. aricton - Breakfast. arioui v. iri - Do. arkan/ , arkl/ : (Gk); f. The bar to which the threads of the warp are fastened. arkl/ v. arkan/ - A kind of bar. aro : (15a); n. Cyperus (tree, or wood). artemonoc v. artemwn - Pulley. artemwn , -monoc : (Gk); m. The foresail of a ship, the pricipal pulley (in a system). ar,aioc v. ar,eoc - Ancient. ar,ei : (Gk); f. Beginning. ar,eoc , ar,aioc : (Gk); adj. Antiquated, ancient, old-fashioned. ar,/ , ar,i : (Gk); f. Beginning, origin, foundation, heavenly power, magistrate; metar,/ : f. Leadership, authority, government; erar,ecye : vb. To begin, start to work. ar,/aggeloc : (Gk); m. Archangel. ar,/gin : (Gk); Unknown. ar,/diakonoc : (Gk); m. Archdeaconate.

ar,/diakwn : (Gk); m. Archdeacon. ar,/epickopoc : (Gk); m. Archbishop. ar,/ereuc : (Gk); m. Arch-priest, high priest. ar,/ylit/c : (Gk); Unknown. ar,/mandrit/c : (Gk); nn mf. Abbot, head of a monastery or a convent. ar,/cunagwgoc , -ou : (Gk); m. Ruler of a synagogue. ar,/cunagwgou v. ar,/cunagwgoc - Ruler of a synagogue. ar,/tektwn : (Gk); m. Master-builder, architect. ar,/telwn/c , -ou : (Gk); m. Chief publican, chief toll-collector. ar,/telwnou v. ar,/telwn/c - Chief publican. ar,/triklinoc : (Gk); m. President of a banquet, head-waiter. ar,i v. ar,/ - Beginning. ar,iereuc = ar,/ereuc - high priest. ar,ontoc v. ar,wn - Ruler. ar,wn , -,ontoc : (Gk); m. Ruler, com- mander, chief magistrate, governor. arwma , -atoc : (Gk); m. An aromatic herb or spice; aroma. arwmatizecye : (Gk); v. (w/ er-) to spice, perfume. arwmatikon v. arwmatikoc - Aro- matic. arwmatikoc , -on : (Gk); adj. Aromatic. arwmatoc v. arwma - Aroma. arwoui , rwoui : (306b); m. Stubble. ars/t , ers/t : (16b); vb. Same as tarso , `to multiply'. arsin : (16b); m. Lentil. acron , -ou : (Gk); m. A plant, hazelwort. acrou v. acron - Hazelwort. acaf : (18b); n. A plant explained as `bark, rind of caper root'. acbol/ : (Gk); f. Soot.

aceb/c : (Gk); adj. Ungodly, unholy, pro- fane, sacrilegious; m. ungodly one; metaceb/c : f. Ungodliness, profanity. acyeneia : (Gk); f. Want of strength, weak- ness, sickness, feebleness. acyen/c : (Gk); adj. Weak, feeble, infirm, sick. aciai , aciwou (Q): (17b); vi. To be light, be relieved, be swift; vt. to lighten; ---: m. Lightness, alleviation; Q. hasti- ness; qen ouaciwou : adv. Lightly. aciwou v. aciai - Lighten. ack/cic : (Gk); f. Asceticism, exercise, practise, training. ack/t/c , -ou : (Gk); m. Hermit, monk, ascete. ack/tikoc : (Gk); adj. Ascetic, laborious. acma : (Gk); m. Song esp. lyric ode, hymn. aco : (317a); n. w/ ] forms vi. to spare, refrain; ]aco : n. Forbearance; a[ne ]aco : adj. Without sparing, unhindered; at]aco : adj. Unsparing; metat]aco : f. Unrestrainedness. acofper : (18b); n. Explained as bitter nut (or plant). acpazecye : (Gk); vb. (w/ er- ) To welcome kindly, greet, salute, kiss, embrace. acpi : (18a); f. Language, speech; remntacpi : m. Eloquent man. accuria : (Gk); f. Assyria. accuria v. accurioc - Assyrian. accurioc , f. -ia : (Gk); adj. Assyrian. actrologia : (Gk); f. Astronomy, astro- logy. actrologoc : (Gk); m. Astronomer; later - astrologer. ack/tou v. ack/t/c - Hermit. ackoc : (Gk); m. Wineskin, bellow.

acoui : (18b); f. Purse, wallet; bag. acouli : (18a); pl. Butterflies. acvalton v. acvaltoc - Asphalt. acvaltoc , -on , -ou : (Gk); f. Asphalt, bitumen, pitch, kind of petroleum. acvaltou v. acvaltoc - Asphalt. acvoui : (18b); n. 1st year of reign. acwmatoc : (Gk); adj. Disembodied, in- corporeal. at- , ay- (before liquids): (18b); A neg. prfx forming adj.; un-, without; metat- : forming f. n. atamantinon : (Gk); Unknown. atamac = adamac - Diamond. ataouin v. aouin - Without cargo. atonon v. atonoc - Weak. atonoc , -on : (Gk); adj. Lacking of elas- ticity, weak, slack. atopon v. atopoc - Foul. atopoc , -on : (Gk); Out of place, out of the way, disgusting, foul, extraordinary. atparaba : (Gk?); adj. Without taking by force. atre , pl. ayreu , atreu : (726b); A doubled thing, twin; testicles. atreu v. atre - Twins. atrovia , -ac : (Gk); f. Want of food or nourishment, atrophy, starvation, diet. atroviac v. atrovia - Atrophy. atrovoc : (Gk); adj. Ill-fed, non-viable, ill of atrophy. at[ne , a[ne- , at[nou= : (25b); prep. Without. at[nou= v. at[ne- - Without. at[r/n v. a[r/n - Barren. au- v. a- About. aouan , aban : (20b); m. Color; appea- rance; aoui aouan , abi aban : Variety of colors; aouin : m. Jaundice.

aoub/t : (21b); m. Collection, company (of persons); (monastic) congregation, mo- nastery. augouctoc , -ou : (Gk); m. Augustus, August. augouctou v. augouctoc - August. au/r , aou/r v. ou/r - About (circa). auyadikon v. auyadikoc - Stubborn. auyadikoc , -on , auyat/c : (Gk); adj. Stubborn, self-willed. auyat/c v. auyadikoc - Stubborn. aoui aouan v. aouan - Variety of colors. aouin , ab/n , abin : m. (ship's) Cargo, load; ataouin : adj. Without cargo. aouin v. aouan - Jaundice. auic : (19b); imperat. part. Give, bring hither; come. aul/ , -/c : (Gk); f. Open court (before the house), courtyard, court, hall chamber, abode, dwelling, steading for cattle. aul/c v. aul/ - Courtyard. aul/ou : (20b); pl. Part of monk's dress. auxon : (Gk); Unknown. aur/j= : (16b); n. Limit, end; always with suffix of things limited; ataur/j= : neg adj. Limitless, boundless. autokratwr : (Gk); adv. One's own master, free, independent, absolute ruler, possessing full powers. autourgoc : (Gk); m. Self-working, husband-man, simple, native. aouw , ouw : (62b); f. Pledge, surety; ] naouw : vb. To give as pledge; ,w naouw : vb. To deposit as pledge; [i naouw : vb. To take as a pledge. (1) aouw v. ouw - Cease. (2) aouw v. ouw - Cease. aouwn : vb. imperat. of ouwn , to open. aujal : (704a); m. Anchor, hook.

aujwl v. jwl - To cover. ave , pl. av/oui : (13b); f. Head: of a living being; metaphor; as title, chief; capital (of money); atave : adj. Headless; metatave : f. Headlessness; erave : vb. To be at the head of, lead. av/t v. avot - Cup. av/oui v. ave - Heads. avopi v. avwv - Giants. avot , pl. av/t : (14b); m. Cup, sacra- mental "chalice". avovi v. avwv - Giants. avoui v. (1) af - Flesh. avwt v. evwt - Crocodile. avwv ; pl. avovi , avopi : (21b); m?. Giant. au,aric : (Gk); adj. Without grace or charm, ungracious, thankless, unpleasant, disagreeable. a,at/c : (Gk); m. Agate (precious stone). a,i v. aqi - Sedge. a,rantoc : (Gk); adj. Undefiles, immacu- late. a,w , pl. a,woui & sg as pl.: (662b); m. Magician, wizard; meta,w : f. Magic. a,wrictoc : (Gk); adj. Not parted, un- divided, inseparable. a,writoc : (Gk?); adj. Not comprehended, vague, mysterious, endless. a,woui v. a,w - Magician. a'ikon v. a'u,oc - Lifeless. a'ikoc v. a'ukoc - Lifeless. a'inyon v. a'inyoc - Wormwood. a'inyoc , -on : (Gk); f. Wormwood. a'u,on v. a'u,oc - Lifeless. a'ukoc , -on , a'ikoc , -on : (Gk); adj. Lifeless, inanimate, spiritless, faint- hearted. awratoc : (Gk); Unknown.

as : (22a); I. interrog. pron. Who, what?; varies with nim , ou ; II. indef. pron. A certain, whatever; III. indef. interrog. part. as= v. asi - To hang. as- (p.c.) v. ws - read. asai , os (Q): (22b); vi. To become many, multiply; Q. many; ---: m. Multitude, amount; metasai : f. Number, multitude refasai : m. Multiplier; ase : f. Multitude. ase v. asai - Multitude. aseben : (23a); m. Enchanter. aseu : (23a); pl. Astrologers. asi (Q) v. isi - To be hung. asin ncyoi v. a[in - Aromatic plant. (1) af ; pl. afoui , aboui , avoui , & sg as pl: (23a); m. Flesh (human or animal), meat; canaf : n. Meat dealer or seller; eraf : vb. To become flesh (of con- secrated bread); ouemaf : vb. To eat flesh or meat (2) af , aaf , ab : (23b); mf. insect, fly; --- nebiw : n. Honey fly, bee; --- nouhor : n. Dog fly. afleli : (741a); f. Lizard. afoui v. (1)af - Flesh. afjir : (23b); m. Greedy one of shamful gain; metafjir : f. Greed of shamfule gain. aqi , a,i : (25a); m. Marsh herbage, sedge. aqo= : (25a); interrog. pron. with suffixes referring to subject of phrase; what, why? asira : (23a); f. Chameleon. asiri v. iri - Diligent person. asikap v. skap - Cry. asmi v. wsem - Soot.

aqori v. aqwri - Asp. aqwiri v. aqwri - Asp.

aqwm : (25a); m. Eagle; orig. falcon, vulture. aqwri , aqwiri , aqori : (23b); m. Asp. aha , ah/ : (64b); part. `yes'; a. Answers questions affirmatively, b. Varies with ` ce ', c. Sometimes ce - more emphatic, contradictory, answers m/ , d. With conditional icje or eswp , if so, if indeed, e. Verily, well then, indeed, f. Introduces questions. ah/ v. aha - Yes ahi : (24a); m. Length, limit of life, life span; erahi : vb. Pass life; nebahi : n. Long-lived, only with met- or er- ; metsarahi : f. Short life; ersarahi : vb. To be short-lived; jemahi : vb. To have (find) ling life. (1) aho , ahor , pl. ahwr & sg as pl: (24b); m. Treasure; treasury, store-house; anahwr : pl. Store-houses. (2) aho : (24b); n. Dwelling, abode. ahom : (24b); m. only with fi - forming vi. to sigh, groan; fiahom : m. Groan, yawn, roar. ahor v. (1) aho - Treasure.

ahwr v. (1) aho - Treasures. aje- v. jw - To say.

ajo v. (1) ajw - Viper. ajo= v. jw - To say. ajol] : (26a); n. Wagon, cart. ajot= v. jw - To say. ajp , pl. ajpi : (777b); fm. Hour; mvnau najp : adv. At the time of, about the ... hour. ajpi v. ajp - Hours. ajou v. (1) ajw - Viper. (1) ajw , ajo , ajou , ejw , ejou : (25b); f. Viper. (2) ajw , jo : (753b); m. Crook-back or haunch back. a[in : (744a); m. Scented herb, mint; asin ncyoi = a[in ncyoi : n. Aromatic plant.

a[ne- v. at[ne- - Without. a[ni : (26b); mf. Blemish, stain; ata[ni : adj. Stainless;

metata[ni : f. Stainlessness;

era[ni : vb. To be stained; erata[ni : vb. To be stainless; hia[ni : vb. To cast a stain. a[r/n , at[r/n : (26b); f. Barren female. a[o : (753b); m. Armpit.


b : (27a); 2nd letter of the Coptic Alphabet; b , f. b ] : the numeral '2'. ba- : (28a); used in names of metals, e.g. barwt 'brass'. baal : (Heb); m. Baal, an idol of the Assyrians and the Phoenicians. babulon v. babulwn - Babylon. babulwn , -on : (Gk); f. Babylon; babulwn n,/mi : f. Babylon Egypt, lies opposite Giza city east of the Nile. baempi : (39a); n. Goat; manibaempi : n. Goatherd. baymoc : (Gk); m. Step, threshold, rung of a ladder; step or degree of dignity. (1) bai : (27b); m. Branch of date-palm. (2) bai : (28a); m. Night raven; screech-owl. bairi v. bir - Basket. va ]baki : m. Citizen; erremnbaki : v. To be citizen. bakt/ra v. bakt/ria - Cane. bakt/ria , -ra : (Gk); f. Staff, cane. baksar v. sar - Tanner. bal : (31b); m. Eye; balbwn : m. Evil eye; hi noubal : v. Cast a glance (from window). balanoc : (Gk); m. Acorn. balkou : (38a); f. Bottle (for water). balmbah v. balmbeh - Bald. balmbeh , -bah , aloubeh : (813a); m. Bald-headed person. balcamon : (Gk); m. Balsam tree. balh/t v. h/t - Simple-minded. bara/it v. bar/it - He-goat. barbaroc : (Gk); m. Babarian, i.e. non- greek, foreign; brutal, rude. bar/it (var. bara/it , bar/out ): (43b); m. He-goat. bak= v. (1) bwk - To go. baki : (30b); f. City, town;

bar/ou t v. bar/it - He-goat. baroc : (Gk); m. A weight, burden, load; adj. heavines. barot v. barwt - Brass. baroh : (44b); m. Fodderer. barwt , -ot : (43b); m. Brass, bronze; homt barot : m. A composite metal. barsin : (44a); n. Caulker, caulker's ma- terial, or act caulking. bac= v. ouici - To saw. bacanizin: (Gk); (w/ er- ) v. To examin closely, torture, rake. bacanoc : (Gk); m. Torture, agony, tor- ment. bacileuc : (Gk); m. King. bacilik/ v. bacilikoc - Royal. bacilikon v. baciliko c - Royal. bacilikoc , -on , f. -/ : (Gk); adj. Royal, kingly, belonging to a king; m. basilica. bacilic , -icca : (Gk); f. Queen, empress. bacilickoc : (Gk); m. Princelet, chieftain; Egyptian cobra bacilicca v. bacilic - Queen. bacic : (Gk); f. Step, base, pedestal, foun- dation, basement. bacn/t v. becn/t - Smith. bact- v. bwct - To be dry. bacour : (44b); m. Antimony. (1) batoc : (Gk); m. Bramble, small tree, bush. (2) batoc : (Heb); m. A Hebrew liquid measure. (3) batoc : (Gk); adj. Accessible. bas- v. bws - To strip. bas= v. bws - To strip. basi : (47a); m. Corps, mummy, a dead body

basor : (47b); f. Fox. basour : (47b); f. Saw;

ro mbasour : n. Saw-edged.

basous : (47b); m. The plant 'rue'. bah v. ouah - Oasis. bah- v. ouwh - to put. bahmi v. ouwhem - To answer.

lau nbeni : n. Cluster of dates; cerbeni : n. Palm-thorn; senbeni , sebeni : n. Palm fiber.

benipi : (41a); m. iron; a. as metal;

bahci : (48a); f. Heifer. baji : (512b); n. Blow.

b. as chains, fetters, sword; c. adj.; ]benipi : vb. To put iron upon. benn/ : (266a); f. Door-post, threshold, step. benji : (41b); f. elephant's trunk. berber : (42b); vi. Boil; --- ebol : vi. To cause to boil, pour forth; --- epswi : vi. To boil up, over; ---: m. Boiling heat. berber- v. borber - To push. berbir : (42b); f. Missile. berbwr= v. borber - To push. bere[woutc : (44b); f. Chariot.; modern 'car'. beri : (43a); adj. new, young; n. new thing, young person; metberi : f. Newness, youth; mberi : adv. Newly, recently; iri nberi : vt. To make new, renew; erberi : v. To become new. berci : (43a); m. Orach (atriplex). berci] : (43b); m. Basket, bread basket. bert v. ouert - Rose. bers/ou : (44a); m. Coriander seed. berso : (44a); m. Sinner, malfactor, wretched, bad one. becywn v. ouocyen - To broaden. becnate v. becn/t - Smith. becn/ t, bacn/t , pl. becbate : (44b); m. Smith. bet- v. bo] - Pollute. betbet : (46a); f. A vegetable, common pea. betc v. bwtc - War. be,e , pl. be,/oui : (30b); m. Wage;

baj/ini v. abaj/ini - Glass. baj/ni v. abaj/ini - Glass. bajini v. abaj/ini - Glass. bajrwou = ouejrwou v. ouoji - Door-post. bebi : (28b); vi. To bubble, to well up (of a spring); vt. to pour forth. bring forth, rain down; refbebi : m. Bringer forth; metrefbebi : f. Outpouring; jinbebi : m. Pronouncing (of a name). beelzeboul v. belzeboul - King of demons. bel- v. bwl - To loosen. belzeboub v. belzeboul - King of demons. belzeboul , -boub , beelzeboul : (Heb); m. Beelzebul, king of demons, lord of dung; orig. the Philistine god worshipped at Ekron. belywn : (37b); n. Lion. belle , f. -/ , pl. -eu : (38a); m. Blind per- son. metbelle : f. Blindness; erbelle : v. To be or become blind, to make blind. belleu v. belle - Blind persons. bell/ v. belle - Blind female. belhwl : (48a); f. Kind of date-palm; unripe date; the fruit 'date'. belj : (38b); fm. Pottery, earthenware; erbelj : v. To be made of pottery. beni v. b/ni - Swallow. beni : (40a); f. Date of palm-tree; bai nbeni : m. Palm-branch; ,af nbeni : n. Stem, trunk of palm;

]be,e , ]mpibe,e : vb. To pay wage, reward; ref]be,e : m. Wage-giver, hirer; [ibe,e : vb. To receive wage; [iebe,e : vb. To take at a wage, hire; rembe,e : m. Wage-man, hireling; atbe,e : adj. Wageless; sebiebe,e : m. Recompense. bes , b/s : (46b); n. Unripe fruit of fig tree. besswi v. bws - Naked. behbeh : (48a); m. Howling, barking. behi : (47b); m. File (iron). bejbwj= v. ouojouej - To chew. beji v. b/j - Falcon. bej/n v. be[/n - A rush. be[/n , -j/n : (48b); n. A rush. b/ : (28a); f. Grave. b/b : (28b); m. Cave, hole, den, nest. b/k (Q) v. bwk - Gone. b/l (Q) v. bwl - To loosen. b/ma : (Gk); m. Step, pace; raised place or tribune, tribunal of a magistrate. b/ni , beni : (40a); m. Swallow (a bird). b/t : (45a); m. Palm-leaf; f. rib. b/] (Q) v. bo] - Pollute. b/tc/ v. bwtc - Female warrior. biki : (31a); n. Horse's strap, girth, nose ring. bik,i , buk,i , bi,ki , bukki : (31a); n. A plant or fruit, cyperus esculentus; colt's foot. binaj : (41b); m. Dish. bini : (40a); f. Crucible, among goldsmith's utensils. bioc : (Gk); m. Lifetime, livelihood, means of living, life, vita. bir , f. bairi , pl. br/oui : (41b); m. Basket (of palm-leaves). bici v. ouici - To saw. b/s v. bes - Unripe fruit. b/s (Q) v. bws - To strip. b/j , beji : (48b); m. Falcon.

bi] : (495a); vi. To waste away, to dry up. bi,ki v. bik,i - A plant. bij : (48a); m. Bones used as dice, i.e. dice. biji : (48b); vi. To be wrecked. bla : (37a); A musical instrument, a type of harp or small bell. blaptin : (Gk); (w/ er- ) vb. To diable, hinder, distract, mislead; damage, hurt, injure. bo/yeia , -yia : (Gk); f. Help, aid, cure. bo/yia v. bo/yeia - Help. bo/yoc : (Gk); m. Helper, auxiliary, assistant. boisi : (47a); f. A desert animal, a kind of antelope. boki : (31a) n. Verbally in erboki , emboki ; vi. To conceive, conceive by; vt. to conceive (a child); mboki : m. Conception; f. pregnant woman; jinerboki : mf. Conception. bol= v. bwl - To loosen. bolc v. ouwlc - To lean. boni v. bwn - Evil. bon] , fen]- : (41a); f. Gourd, cucumber; gourd-garden; [loj mbon] : n . Gourd. borber , berber- , berbwr= : (657a); vi. To be loosed, fall to pieces; vt. to throw down, push; --- ebol : vb. To cast forth; --- ehr/i : vb. To cast upon, into; ---: m. Expulsion. bocer v. ouocer - Oar. bot- v. bo] - Pollute. botan/ : (Gk); f. Pasture, fodder, herb, weed; botany. botbet v. ouwt - To be green. botc= v. bwtc - To fight. bosbes v. ouosoues - To strike. bof : (505a); m. Lung. boh v. bwwh - Name of an idol.

bohi : (47b); m. Dyke, trench. bohi v. ouohi - Fisher. bojbej v. ouojouej - To chew

--- ebol : vb. To loosen, untie; be melted; be dispersed, scattered; dissolve, nullify; relax, annul (laws); absolve; destroy; pay (penalty); go to pieces, perish; slacken, grow weak, faint; be wearied; be loosened, paralyzed; be released, die; upset, unhinge; be loose (in conduct); --- ebol : m. Loosening, slackening, solution; release, pardon; annulling (of magic, demons); weakening, feebleness, collapse; dissolution (death); --- ebol nem- : vb. To be open, free with; atbwl : adj. Indissoluble, unending; jinbwl : f. Interpretation; --- ebol : m. Loosening, freeing; ebol : adv. Out, forth, outward; menenca ebol : prep. After, beyond, henceforth; same as icjen ebol ; ebol je- : conj. Because, for; mbol : adv. Outside, without; spread abroad, famed; extant, in existance; eb/l : adv. Outside of, except; eb/l je- : w/ vb. Introduces conditional; cabol : prep. (w/ e- ); Outside of, beyond, away from; adv. outside, without; saebol : prep. To the outside of, out of; adv. henceforth; to the end, forever, outwards, finally, utterly, at all; erebol : vb. To become loosened, become free, avoid, escape. bwn : (39a); adj. Bad; boni : f. Evil, misfortunate; ierboni : f. Evil eye. bwrp v. ouwrp - To send. (bwct) , bact- : (45a); vi. To be dry, parched. bwtc , botc= : (46a); vi. To be drawn up (for battle), fight; --- nem- : vb to fight against;

bo] , bet- , bot- , b/t (Q): (45b); All forms often with f for b ; vt. To pollute, hate, befoul, abominate; ---: m. Hateful thing, abomination; oi mbo] : vb. To become, be hateful; [ibo] : vb. To loathe, abominate; labo] : n. Sodomite.

bo] v. bw] - Durah. bo] v. ouwt - Herbs. bo]= v. ouw] - To send. brai v. mbrai - Seed of cereals.

brehi v. mbrehi - Cart. br/oui v. bir - Baskets. broukoc , -,oc : (Gk); m. Locust, or its wingless larva. brou,oc v. broukoc - Locust.

bukki v. bik,i - A plant. buk,i v. bik,i - A plant. bouhi : (48a); m. Eyelid.

bw : (28a); f. Tree where its fruit is specified as opposed to ss/n (tree in general; probably wood, plantation of trees). (1) bwk , bak= , b/k (Q): (29a); vb. To go, generally se is used. (2) bwk , f. bwki , pl. ebiaik and sg as pl.: (30a); m. Servant, slave; opposite remhe ;

erbwk : vb. To serve, labor; iri mbwk : vb. To enslave; metbwk : f. Servitude, slavery; metbal mbwk : f. Eye service.

bwki v. (2) bwk - Servant girl. bwl , bel- , bol= , b/l (Q): (32a); vi. To loosen, untie; melt; interpret, explain; weaken, make faint; nullify (order or deed); dissolve, destroy; be immaterial; pay, remit; ---: m. solution, interpretation;

besswi : pl. lit. Secret parts uncovered; --- ebol : vi. To be naked, revealed; vt. to uncover, lay bare, divest of; m. nakedness; jinbws ebol : m. Laying bare, display. bwhem v. ouwhem - To answer. (bwhn) , ouwhn : (48a); vt. To cover (with roof). bwj v. ouwj - To cut. bw] , bo] : (45b); m. Durah (a cereal), millet.

---: m. (battle) Array, war; atbwtc : adj. Impugnable; refbwtc : m. Warrior; erbwtc : vb Array against, make war with; betc : n. War; b/tc/ : f. Female warrior. bwwh , boh : (47b); A name of an idol at Alexandria. bws , bas- , bas= , b/s (Q): (47b); vi. To be loosened, undone; (Q) to be naked; vt. to strip, divest, lay bare, unsheath, despoil, release, give leave; ---: m. Nakedness; refb/s : m. Naked person;


g : 3rd letter of the Coptic alphabet; g : the numeral 'three'. gabaya , gabay/ , gabbaya : (Gk); f. Gabbatha, an elevated place or tribunal. gabay/ v. gabaya - Gabbatha. gabbaya v. gabaya - Gabbatha. gaza : (Persian); f. Treasure, large sum of money. gazovulakion : (Gk); m. Treasury. gala : (Gk); m. Milk. gal/n/ , -/c : (Gk); f. Calm, gentle. gal/n/c v. gal/n/ - Calm. galileoc : (Gk); Galilean. gamoc , gamocun/ : (Gk); m. Wedding, marriage, wedlock. gamocun/ v. gamoc - Wedding. gar : (Gk); conj. For, because. geenna : (Heb); f. Gehenna, hades. (1) genea : (Gk?); f. New, recent. (2) genea : (Gk); f. Race, family, generation, offspring, birth-place, age. geneoc v. (2) genoc - Generation. genecic : (Gk); Origin, source, nativity, generation; the biblical book of Genesis. gennaioc v. genneoc - Noble. genneoc , -naioc : (Gk); m. Noble, excel- lent. genn/ma : (Gk); m. That which is produced or born, child, product, fruit.

genn/cic : (Gk); f. Birth, engendering, producing. genn/t/c , f. -tria : (Gk); m. Begetter, parent, producer. genn/tria v. genn/t/c - Parent. genoc , geneoc , genouc : (Gk); m. Race, stock, kin, offspring, descendant, family, clan, house. genouc v. genoc - Race. gewgravia : (Gk); f. Geography. gewgravikoc : (Gk); mf. Geographical. gnwm/ : (Gk); f. Means of knowing, intel- ligence, thought, judgement, opinion, intention, verdict. gnwcic : (Gk); f. Knowledge. gnwct/c : (Gk); m. The rank of reader in the Coptic Church; one who knows, expert witness. goggul/ : (Gk); f. Eastern cress. grammateuc : (Gk): m. Secretary, regis- trar, clerk. grammatik/ : (Gk); f. Grammar. grav/ , krav/ : (Gk); f. The Holy 'Scrip- ture', book, writing. gumnacia : (Gk); f. Exercise, training, maneuvers; gymnastics. guptioc , f. -ia = aiguptioc - Egyptian. g/ : (Gk); f. Earth, land, soil. gnovoc : (Gk); m. Darkness.


d : The 4th letter of the Coptic Alphabet; d : the numeral '4'. damazin : (Gk) (w/ er- ) v. To overpower, tame, subdue, conquer, overcome. daneict/c , danict/c , f. daneictia , danictia : (Gk); Money lender, credi- tor, one who lends with interest; daneictia v. daneict/c - Creditor (f). danict/c v. daneict/c - Creditor. danictia v. daneict/c - Creditor (f). daxic v. taxic - Order. dapan/ , tapan/ : (Gk); vb. To consume, use up; ---: f. Cost, expenditure, extravagance. davn/ : (Gk); f. White mangrove, a type of coral. de : (Gk); part. But, now, moreover, and. delta : (Gk); The letter ' d '; m. anything shaped like a triangle, esp. island formed by the mouth of a large river. decpot/c : (Gk); m. Master, lord, lord of the house, owner. deuteronomion , deuderonomion : (Gk); m. biblical book of Deutronomy. d/miourgoc : (Gk); m. Creator, skilled workman, handicraftsman, maker, produ- cer. d/moc , -ciwc , -ciwn , t/mocion : (Gk); Public dues, tax. d/mociwn v. d/moc - Tax. d/mociwc v. d/moc - Tax. dia v. zeuc - Zeus. diaboloc : (Gk); m. Satan, devil, enemy, slanderous, slanderer. diad/ma , -t/ma : (Gk); m. Band, dia- dem, crown worn by kings, fillet. diado,oc : (Gk); m. Successor, substitute, deputy. diay/k/ : (Gk); f. disposition by will, testament, covenant;

--- napac : f. Old Testament. --- mberi : f. New Testament. diakonei v. diakonia - Service. diakonia , -ie : (Gk); f. Service, minis- tration, body of servants or attendants; the office of the diaconate. diakonoc : (Gk); m. Deacon, servant, attendant, official in religious guild. diakricic : (Gk); f. Separation, dissolution, segregation, differentiation, examination. diat/ma v. diad/ma - Diadem. didackal/ v. didackaloc - Teacher. didackalia v. didackaloc - Teach- ing. didackaloc , f. -/ : (Gk); m. Teacher, master; didackalia : (Gk); f. Teaching, instruction, elucidation, training. didimoc v. didumoc - Twin. didou : (Gk?); n. Consecration of thought. didumoc , didimoc : (Gk); adj. Twin, double, two-fold; n. testicles, ovaries. dikaioc , dikeoc , -on : (Gk); adj. Just, right, upright, righteous, impartial, civi- lized. dikaiocun/ , dikeocun/ : (Gk); f. Right- eousness, justice, rectitude, fulfilment of the law. dikact/rion : (Gk); m. Court of justice. dikeoc v. dikaioc - Just. dikeocun/ v. dikaiocun/ - Justice. dioiket/c v. dioik/t/c - Adminstrator. dioik/t/c , -ket/c : (Gk); m. Adminis- trator, governor, procurator. dioikin : (Gk?); vb. To follow, chase, threaten. dioc v. zeuc - Zeus.

diploic : (Gk); f. Double cloak. dipnon : (Gk); m. Banquet, dinner.

diptu,oc , tiptu,oc , tupdi,oc , -on : (Gk); m. Difnar - a book that

dopatioc : (Gk); m. Jewelry, precious stone. douloc : (Gk); m. Slave, bondman. doux : (Gk); m. Duke, prince, king, leader. doupia : (Gk?); f. A type of old coins. drakwn : (Gk); m. Dragon. dromoc : (Gk); m. Course, race, flight, contest. drumoc : (Gk); m. Thicket, desert, wilder- ness. dunamic : (Gk); f. Power, might, strength, authority. dunatoc : (Gk); adj. Strong, mighty. durannoc v. tyrannic - Tyrant. dwrea : (Gk); f. Gift, present esp. bounty. dwron , -oc : (Gk); f. Gift, present, gift of honor, votive gift. dwroc v. dwron - Gift.

includes hymns commemorating the saints of the day in the Coptic Church. dickoc : (Gk); m. Dish, disk. ditioc monac : (Gk?); n. The Arabic month of Gamada-al-awal; --- dioc : n. Gamada-al-akhar or -al- thani. diwgmoc : (Gk); m. Chase, pursuit, per- secution, harassing. diwkt/c : (Gk); m. persecutor, pursuer. dokim/ v. dokimoc - Trial. dokimoc , -/ : (Gk); adj. Examination, trial, test. doloc : (Gk); m. Cunning, trick, treachery. dox v. doxa - Glory doxa , dox : (Gk); f. Glory, honor, pride, repute, opinion; doxa patri : Expression ' Glory be to the Father". doxologia : (Gk); f. Laudation, glori- fication, doxology.

e e : The 5th letter of the Coptic Alphabet called ei , eie ; e : The numeral 'five'. (1) e- , ero= , (2nd pl. erw= ): (50a); prep. I. dat.: to, for, according to, as regards ; purpose: for, in order to; about, because of; from, by means of; direction: towards, to; against; comparison: than ; in adverbial expressions. II. indicating direct object with many verbs of sensual perception, mental action, and with other vi's. III. coordinating a second vb. (2) e- : (52a); vbal prfx. used before nominal subject ' ere- '; characterizes the circum- stantial, or precedes other auxiliaries either in subordinate or coordinate clause. eat : (61a); m. End, farthest part. ebdomac : (Gk); f. A period of seven days, week, the numbr seven. eben v. asben - Enchanter. ebi : (52b); n. Darkness. ebiaik v. (2) bwk - Servants. ebi/n : (53a); mf. A poor, wretched person; ebiw : (52b); m. Honey. eblal/ : (Gk); f. Damage, loss, injury, harm. ebo , pl. ebwou and sg as pl.: (178a); m. Dumb person; metebo : f. Dumbness; erebo : vb. To become, be dumb. ebol v. bwl - Out. ebrehi v. mbrehi - Cart. ebr/j (mostly cetebr/j m.): (53b); f. Lightening. ebwou v. ebo - Dumb person. ebsi v. wbs - Sleep. eggravon v. eggravoc - Contract. adj. miserable, wretched; metebi/n : f. Misery.

eggravoc , -on : (Gk); m. Written docu- ment, contract. egkrateia , -tia : (Gk); f. Self-control, mastery over, control over; i.e. chastity, asceticism, economy; egkrat/c : adj. Hold fast, self-con- trolled, strong; i.e. ascete (n). egkrat/c v. egkrateia - Self-control. egkratia v. egkrateia - Self-control. egkwmion : (Gk); m. Encomium, eulogy, panegyric, laudatory ode, praise. ey- v. et- - Relative prefix. eyaus v. eyws - Ethiopians. eybe- , eyb/t= : (61a); prep. Because of, concerning; eybeou v. ou - Why?. eyb/t= v. eybe- - Concerning ey/ v. (1) h/ - forwards. eynikoc : (Gk); adj. Foreign, gentile; m. heathen, idol-woshipper, tax collector. eynoc : (Gk); m. Nation, people, caste, tribe. eymosi v. eyws - Ethiopian (f). eyws , f. eyosi , pl. eyaus : (65b); m. An Ethiopian person. eiebt v. iebt - East. eioul , eoul : (77a); mf. Hart, hind. eije : (Gk); prep. Then, for, if. ekatontar,oc : (Gk); m. A centurion. ekkl/cia : (Gk); f. Church, assembly duly summoned, an assembly. ekloli v. kelwl - Pitcher. ekmalwcia = e,malwcia - Captivity. eko] v. kwt - Builders. ekwt v. kwt - Builder. el- v. wli - To hold. ela,ictoc : (Gk); adj. Smallest, least; m. poor, wretched, of low status. eybeje- : conj. Because; eybevai : conj. Wherefore.

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