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CleanroomWipes Alcohol Pre-Saturated Pre-Saturated cleanroomwipes are a convenient method to make cleaning and wiping tasks easier safer and quicker than applying a separate solution. Different substrates and cleanliness levels are available to adapt to the various grades of environment. Satpax670, convenient low cost sanitising wipes Satpax3000, sealed edge 2-ply polyester for critical environments Azo Wipes, ideal for surface sanitising in laboratories VeriGuard, hard surface wipes with IPA &WFI

Other variants and brands available.

Part Number




SPX6700911 SPX3000 SPX6702309 WNPC50169 53201

SatPax670Polyester/Cellulose,70% IPA,30%Di SatPax3000,2-plyPolyester,sealededges, 70% IPA,30%Di Satpax670Polyester/Cellulose,70% IPA,30%DiMopwipes.FitsBerkshiremop

9”x11”/23cmx28cm 9”x9”/23cmx23cm 23”x9”/58cmx23cm 9”x9”/23cmx23cm 8”x8”/20cmx20cm

50 30 25 50 200

MicroncleanVeriGuardPolyester/Cellulose70% IPA,30%WFI Azotubwipesantibacterial,70% IPA30%Di.For lesscriticalareas

DI=De-ionisedgradewater WFI=Waterfor Injectiongradewater

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