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Re-packing and Sterilisation CES are able to offer a cleanroom consumable re-pack service within a certified ISO Class 5 cleanroom that allows products to be re-packaged to a customer’s own specification. This may include smaller pack quantities, multiple bagging and/or sterilisation through gamma irradiation. The facility is audited and adheres to a ISO 9001:2015 accredited quality procedure and all production is batch processed and can be supplied with a certificate of irradiation. Customers are able to supply their own consumable products and CES will re-pack and irradiate to the customer’s required specification. The service is ideally suited to NHS hospital sterile pharmacy units.

Cleanroom Personnel Training CES offers an informative educational and enjoyable training programme that covers all aspects of cleanroom behaviour, how cleanrooms function, controlling contamination, gowning and numerous other topics.

CleanroomCleaning Conducted by our parent company, CES offers a cleanroom cleaning service that allows customers to focus on their core business and negates the need for valuable staff to conduct the necessary cleaning functions in and around critical environments. The Micronclean cleanroom cleaning service is offered as a bespoke solution to customers with each environment undergoing a free of charge, full survey prior to any clean. This attention to detail ensures that each and every clean undertaken meets the stringent standards that Micronclean and their customers demand, and that the service achieves the desired objectives it has been commissioned to meet. The Micronclean cleaning service is segmented into two distinct categories, decontamination cleans and routine cleans.

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