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Cleanroom Pens &Markers For many years it has been recognised that conventional pens and markers are among the major sources of contamination in a cleanroom. Our range of pens and markers has been designed to significantly reduce this risk.

Size / Colour

Available Gamma Irradiated Quantity

Part Number


Black,Blue,Red Black,regularor irradiated Black,025IRversion isretractable

CRP01/02/03 (IR) PEN-40 & PEN-40IR PEN-020IR & PEN-025IR BC01 (IR)

MicronovaBallPointPen,LowSodium Micronova IPAresistantpermanentLabmarkerfinetip

IRVersion IRVersion IRversion IRversion

10Pack* 10Pack* 12Pack* 6*

MicronovaFinePoint IrradiatedMarker Micronovabagcutter& irradiatedversion

Additionalstylestothose illustratedabovearealsoavailable.

*PerOuterbag- Innerbagsand IRversionsmaydiffer

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