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CleanroomTapes Applications requiring the use of “clean” tapes are ever increasing. The Micronova range of tapes continues to grow to meet the demands of various industry requirements. Many can be supplied irradiated for use in aseptic areas and there are cuff strips and cuff tape for the sealing of the critical wrist area to avoid any harmful exposure. Irradiation Indicators are also available.

Available in various colours & transparent for CR100PC Vinyl Tapes

Black Brown Yellow

White Orange Red

Dark Green Light Green

Light Blue Dark Blue Purple

Tape Width

Available Gamma Irradiated


1/4”-4”/6mm-100mm 1”&2”/25m&50mm 2”and3”/50mm&75mm 2”and3”/50mm&75mm 12mm

CR100PCVINYLTAPES,CleanpeelCleanroomtape invariouscoloursandwidths CONSTRUCTIONTAPE:SerratedEasyTearEdge,WhiteOnly

Option (IR)

CUFFSTRIPTAPES, Individualstripsforgarmentsealing MICROSEALCUFFTAPE,canbetorntorequired length Irradiation IndictatorDots,5000dots/roll

Option (IR) Option (IR)

Alsoavailable,StripeSafetyTape,AntiStaticTape&ExtremeTemperatureTape AfullrangeofCleanroomTapesandaccessoriesareavailable. Pleasecontactcustomerserviceswithdetailsofyourrequirements.

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