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Day Thursday June 22, 2017


JUNE 19-22, 2017 • SAN DIEGO, CA


Ann Romney Rides for Cures

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Ann Romney talks with Jim Greenwood, President and CEO of BIO, about her inspiring journey since being diagnosed with MS nineteen years ago. She credits the title of her new book, “in this together” to husband Mitt.

By Michael Eisenstein In the mid-1990s, Ann Romney was on top of the world—she had raised five sons with her husband Mitt, who was head of a thriving business and eyeing a future in politics. But everything turned upside down in 1998, when she learned that she had multiple sclerosis (MS). “Life was full of possibilities, and then I got very, very sick,” said Romney. During Wednesday morning’s keynote conversation with BIO President Jim Greenwood, Romney opened up about living with MS, and how it inspired her to help mo- bilize patients and scientists against this and other neurologic disorders. ANN | Continued on page 3

Left to right: Councilmember Mark Addiego, Pete Pellerito, BIO, Mayer Pradeep Gupta, City Manager Mike Futrell BIO’s Pete Pellerito yesterday received the City of South San Francisco’s first ever special recognition award for his guidance and support of the city’s biotech industry growth strategy over the past twenty years.


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