Janene van Loon, Arnoud Thüss, Nicole Schmidt en Kevin Haines - Academic Writing in English

1 Introduction to academic writing

1.1 Orientation

TASK 1 Answer the following questions.

1 What experience do you have in writing in the academic genre (in English or in your first language)? What have you found most difficult or challeng­ ing about it? What was easiest? 2 Before reading on, what do you think are typical features of academic writ­ ing? Mention at least four features of academic writing that are not usually found in journalistic text or in speeches and lectures.

1.2 Goal setting

Before writing an academic paper, there are some preliminary steps that should be taken. It can be helpful to break up the writing process into smaller sets of goals. It is important to remember that a goal should be specific and achievable within a realistic time period.

TASK 2 In order to make your own goals for this Chapter:

1 Read through the introduction one more time. Review your answer to Task 1. 2 Based on the introduction and orientation Sections, make a checklist of writing skills, strategies, and processes that you think you will have learnt by the end of this Chapter (see example below). 3 Now formulate a specific goal for yourself concerning each item on the checklist. 4 Finally, place a tick beside each goal later on, when you feel that it has been achieved.


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