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Global Address Book

12. If the Parent Company is APi National Service Group, contact a representative at NSG to update the master table with the inactivated site. In this case, NSG is not the Parent Company so no further action is required. 13. Lastly, check to see if the inactivated site currently has an open contract by clicking on Engagements and Active Contracts within the Customer Center.

In this case, the site does not have an active contract so no further action is required.

If there was an active contract, the following steps should take place: • Add a new installed item to the contract with the active site selected • Once the new installed item is added, remove the old installed item that had the inactive site selected Note: If this process is not followed and the PM batch scheduler is run after a site is inactivated, the service professionals for that company will get an email that the contract can’t be created because the site doesn’t exist. At this point in time someone would need to go into the contract and set up the new installed item.

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