Hong Kong 2015/16

Destinations: Around 80% of pupils go on to Russell Group or equally prestigious universities in the UK and overseas.

Boy/girl split is 60%/40% . Music is a huge part of school life. Over 450 individual lessons take place each week. Transport links are good. Heathrow and Birmingham airports are an hour away, and central London an hour and a half. This year, IB pupils achieved an average point score of 36.4 .

Roughly 85% of pupils board, so the school is as lively and engaging in the evenings and at weekends as it is during the school day.

Brian Leung A* A* A* A* A* + A* for EPQ Reading Medicine at the University of Cambridge Jessie Lai A*A*A + A* for EPQ Reading Psychology at University College London Bernard Kay A*AAAA + A* for EPQ Reading Architecture at the University of Bath, the top university at which to study the subject in the UK

Emma Cheng IB Higher Level 7,7,6,6; Standard Level 7,6. Currently studying Biochemistry at Amsterdam University and aiming to study Medicine at Monash University in Australia. “Five years at Teddies definitely made it a second home for me. Other than having excellent teachers and great facilities, I was given many opportunities to develop my talents in sports and music. The boarding environment also helped me become more independent and make friends that I will stay in touch with forever.”

A brand new Music School will open in 2016 .

Overseas pupils from more than 40 different countries make up 15% of the school community.

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