Assignment Brief RETK-007A

1. INTRODUCTION This unit will support learners to become familiar with basic surveying techniques and how to carry out simple surveying tasks and present the data in a suitable format. It also ensures an understanding of the structures, classifications and properties of materials used in engineering and will enable them to select materials for different applications. Learners will study mechanical systems in the context of rail engineering and investigate examples of each system applied to rail. Finally learners will study different railway systems and the interface between them and the track. Guidance You should be briefed on what is involved and expected of you and be fully prepared for any assessment. • You will gather together the work you produce in a file or folder, which then becomes your portfolio of evidence (this can be emedia). • You will submit the produced work and all supplementary evidence within the specified timeframe. • Your tutor will assess your portfolio to make sure that you have covered all the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for this unit. • Your tutor must ensure that any evidence for assessment you submit can be confirmed as your own work

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