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2. Typical Cabinet Construction:

Face-Frame Cabinet Construction

How a cabinet is constructed helps determine its style, storage options, and other features like the type of hardware it utilizes. The two typical types of construction of cabinets are “face-frame” and “frameless”. Face-Frame Construction – Face-frame cabinets are the most popular type of construction method used in the United States and are available in all three categories of cabinets. The construction is strong, and helps define the spaces for storage of the doors and drawers. The face-frame covers the cabinet sides and can be made of wood solids or plywood. Face-frame construction allow the use of the three different types of door and drawer construction - partial overlay, full-overlay, and inset doors and drawers. Frameless Construction – Frameless construction is often referred to as “European” style construction due to its modular method of fabrication. Typically, the styles used for this type of construction are more contemporary or modern. The units are often available in 32mm increments which is due to their manufacturing requirements. Most commonly, the doors and drawers completely cover any interior panels

Frameless Cabinet Construction

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