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4. Style and Appearance Factors:

A number of factors determine what the overall look of your cabinets will be. These include: wood species, finish, door and drawer styles, and hardware. Not only do these factors determine what your cabinets will look like, they can also determine what they will cost. An understanding of these factors will help you get the look you what at the price you can afford. Wood Species – The wood species you choose contributes greatly to the overall look of your kitchen or bath. Grain patterns vary according to the wood chosen and help define the style you are looking for. Popular cabinet woods are oak, maple, and cherry to name just a few. Door and Drawer Styles – Whether you want modern, traditional, or any style in between, you can find it somewhere. Popular door and drawer details include: raised panel doors, arched door frames, decorative trim and carved accents. These designs can be from a very specific interior design style of they can be a unique mix of styles. Stained Finishes – In addition to the wood species, the stain color and effects will greatly determine what your cabinetry looks like. Stain finishes can vary from very natural looking to very ornate and decorated. Sealers and top coats also provide protection for the cabinets and finish so that they can keep on looking good for years. Painted Finishes – Manufacturers also offer a wide variety of painted finishes on their cabinet offerings. Many trendy colors include grays, soft yellows, and blue-green colors. These will change over time, but whites and off-whites are a time tested favorite. Decorative Finish Details – For both stains and painted finishes, different decorative effects can enhance the overall effect of your cabinet design. Glazes, antiquing, decorative painted details, and physical and finish distressing can all create much more visual interest to a cabinet design. These effects all contribute to the unique patina that can be created to meet your interior design needs.

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