Virginia Diner & More Spring 2018

the perfect combo!



HONEY ROASTED VIRGINIA PEANUTS Virginia Maní tostado miel We have received hundreds of requests over the years to produce Honey Roasted Peanuts and these are worth the wait . . . One can will defi- nitely not be enough!!! 9 oz. can. 43680 • $12.00

PEANUT BUTTER POWER MIX Mantequilla de maní mezcla de potencia


A tasty combination of coated milk chocolate candy, yogurt coated peanuts, peanut butter chips, raisins and Virginia Peanuts. 10 oz. can. 43606 • $14.00

DUSTED CHOCOLATE TOFFEE Desempolvar el chocolate toffee

Back in 1995 our fundraising division was just getting started and one of our first items was our Dusted Chocolate Toffee Peanuts. These are our butter toffee peanuts covered in milk chocolate then dusted with powdered sugar. 12 oz. can. 43610 • $15.00

Fun Fact!! Did you know that the likeness of George Washington appeared on the Virginia Diner sign and menus for over 40 years?


DOUBLE DIPPED CHOCOLATE PEANUTS Doble cruce cacahuetes de Chocolate Our original gourmet peanuts double dipped in milk chocolate. 10 oz. can. 43503` • $14.00



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