Brad Churchwell's Home Trends June 2014

Bugs, Bugs and No Bugs Everyone has their own opinion on insects, however most would agree that bugs belong outside. Certain bugs are useful for eating pests and unwanted plant material, however there are a large number of insects that we just don’t want anything to do with such as ants, roaches and termites. With summer on the way, there are some things you can do to prevent or reduce their presence in your indoor retreat: • Keep your house foundation clear and free from moisture • Ensure garbage and compost is neatly stored and sealed tightly • Food should be sealed and preferably stored in fridge, including pet food • Cover large openings such as chimneys with hardwire cloth to prevent entry • Pipes entering the home should be sealed or caulked • Seal all cracks on your home’s exterior • Maintain a yard that is free of pooling water, piles of grass clippings and gutters clear of leaves • Patch screens on all windows and seal doors By maintaining all entries into your home, you will create a sanctuary that will be clear of insects.

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