EASY TO VISIT, HARD TO LEAVE If you fall in love with Greater Portland (and it’s hard not to), maybe it’s time to consider amove. Mainers treasure their quality of life and welcome newcomers enthusiastically.

Higgins Beach, 15 minutes from downtown, is a popular spot for surfers and swimmers.

G reater Portland has been attracting young entrepreneurs who find the progressive region large enough to be interesting, yet small enough to develop a supportive community. Relaxed enough that you can follow your interests, while also developing your career. They love the quirky mix of outdoor adventure and city culture. They enjoy the craft breweries and phenomenal food scene. They value the work-life balance they’ve achieved here. And they are proud of the inclusive vibe Portland extends to its new residents. On liveandworkinmaine.com you can listen to their stories and perhaps you’ll discover that a move to Maine makes sense to you too. Another invaluable reference for those considering a lifestyle change is the web- site creativeportland.com, where you can connect with some of the creative, energetic people who are planting roots in our region. Maine, it will surprise you. If you’re just visiting, pages 58 and 60 may still include something you’ll need during your vacation.

"WHY I LOVE LIVING HERE!" "Tons of unexpected culture. So much to do right outside our front door." –Elizabeth Robinson, relocated from Baltimore "Lots of job opportunities, always a demand for good professionals." –Tina Hunt, relocated from IN "Everything is at your fingertips within an hour or two from Portland." –Tiffany Kulig, relocated from PA

“Maine is part of our benefits package; our employees love not only what we do, but where we are." –Shannon Kinney (founder Dream Local), relocated from CA

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"Hardworking, authentic people." –Matt Goodwin, relocated from the Midwest

"Safe environment, good schools, a great place to raise kids." –Kelley Scott, relocated from MA "Fantastic work/life balance. 5 farms in the town I live in and it’s only 3 miles from downtown Portland." –Lori Templeton, relocated from AL * PRINTED WITH PERMISSION FROM LIVE + WORK IN MAINE

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